Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Sorry gang, I've been distracted.   I have no pressing or interesting stories to tell so here are snippets of what is going on in the world at large:

1) Still waiting on our replacement window treatments.  I mentioned that a little plastic piece failed and the blind came crashing down.  Well, the Costco Window Treatment people are spot on fabulous.  The piece has been ordered and they will call when it is time to come out and re-install it.  I am hopeful that they won't have to re-order the blind, because if they do it will be another 4 weeks.

In the meantime, if it gets really warm or we need privacy we're using... a SHEET to cover the window.  Tisk Tisk....

2) Jason ordered something from Apple and failed to notice that they had our old address.  We called FedEx and asked to reroute the package.  I was SHOCKED to hear that they could do it.  The next delivery day Jason (who watches all packages in real time) noticed that they tried again to deliver to our old address, so he called again to confirm.  He was told "oh, re-routing can take 24-48 hours and we see it right here in the system.  It should go to the right address tomorrow."

Today he called me around 10 am to ask if the package arrived.  Nope, no deliveries.  He sounded sad and said that someone named L. Lasldkfueronlrtkuose signed for the package (but at the old address.)  STRANGE.

He called FedEx AGAIN and this time was told "oh, I'm sorry we're not allowed to re-route packages from Apple."  UM.... why the *&^%*($% didn't the first or second agents say that?

Their solution... was to go to the address and ask for our package.  (This was Apple's solution too.)  Both companies having shipped and delivered a package to the address on the ordersheet were done with the order.  (I tend to agree but when I mentioned that to Jason I got an icy silence on the phone and then a "thank you for pooping on my parade."  ouch.)

So, Jason drove right over to our old condo and marched up the stairs ready to bang on the door and demand his package.  But.... it turns out a neighbor signed for the package and left it on the doorstep.  So, Jason just took it!  Good for him.

3) Read in the paper today that Miss Lindsay turned herself into the Los Angeles jail where she'll be spending the next "90" days.  My guess is she'll be out by my birthday. I"m sure she will learn nothing.  Poor girl.  (not poor because I think she's been dealt an injustice, but poor girl in that she needs help.)

4) I wonder if this shooting incident in Lk. Sammamish State Park had happened in a more ethnically diverse neighborhood, like central Seattle if it would still be front page news after four days?  Maybe I'm jaded, but I wonder if we're incensed because two groups (gangs?) of kids pulled out guns and started shooting each other in a public area, or if we care because it was a public area where affluent people like to recreate? 

5) Good bye to a legend.  Sweet Lou Piniella will be retiring this year. thanks for your years in Seattle and I'm sure the people of Chicago are thankful as well.  enjoy retirement.  I hear Seattle is a town that thinks highly of you!

6) My inbox has an "invitation" from the Waldorf Astoria hotel in New York to visit.  I think I just might take them up on their offer.  It seems like a mighty expensive place to stay if you have to pay for it, but as their guest I shouldn't refuse.

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