Thursday, July 14, 2011

Thoughts of the day

I’m a bad blogger. It’s been days and days since I’ve weighed in on any topic, let alone tell you how my wonderful daughter is doing.

I’ve been in San Jose and unlike some trips in the past there has been almost zero down time. I’m using my lunch moment to catch up with you.

Lucy is good. She’s having some professional photos taken tomorrow, so we’ll see if they are any better than our home shots. Both Jason and I are feeling the pressure to come up with some super cute looks, but her hair… oh man what to do about her hair? I picked up a head thingy (hat?) and we’ll see how it turns out. Who knew that having hair you can’t do anything with would be a liability. My dad (kojack) is no help, he has been shaving his head for ages and thinks the wacky messy look that Lucy has with her curly head is sweet.

Lucy and Jason have been managing quite nicely without me this week. Lucy is a bad napper and subsequently comes home from “school” in a ‘put a fork in me I’m done’ state. Last night she screamed and cried for about 60 seconds and then she was asleep until this morning. She woke at 4am but put herself back to sleep. She has a new skill – she has learned how to make the farty – raspberry sound with her mouth. Jason sent me a video of her doing it in her room. It’s a dark image of the monitor and her farty sounds. CUTE.

In the real world, I haven’t weighed in on big topics like the debt ceiling, the Casey Anthony trial and the super important impending possible marriage of Brad & Angelina. Lets not forget HARRY POTTER!!!

In order:

The Debt Ceiling: I think both political parties are using the topic to further their own agenda instead of focusing on what is best for our country. Raising the debt ceiling is a lot like the credit card balance increases I used to apply for when money would get tight. (Note, used to…) It was a long hard lesson to live within my means. It was a multiple part process that included cutting spending, focus on paying what I owed and working hard to bring in more income. We have to do the same thing, and I think it might be time to revisit how we splice our budget. Every little bit helps – and maybe, just maybe defense contracts and our spending in that area should be VERY closely evaluated. I know it’s vastly unpopular to suggest that we not buy any new planes or equipment for a while, but if you can’t buy bread you can’t afford a new F-15. I’m just saying.

Casey Anthony – Don’t hang the jury. While I believe in my heart that that woman was ultimately responsible for the death of her daughter it is not clear if she physically killed her or was simply negligent in her parenting and the girl died as a result. Either way, the prosecution did not have a smoking gun – or a cause of death. The jury could have gone the OJ robbery/kidnapping route and found her ass guilty based on a profound ‘feeling’ that she’s responsible, or they could do what was asked of them, look at the evidence presented and make a call. The inability to pinpoint a cause of death is a serious problem. I think it is highly improbably that the little girl died in the pool, but could they place Casey’s hands on her child? No, I don’t think they could. 

I think life for Casey is going to be rough. Society has decided she’s guilty and it’s going to be a rough road. I only hope she doesn’t have more children. The wackos will flip out the day she shows up pregnant. I dread the news stories already.

As for the law being proposed that it is illegal to not report your child missing - it is a sad sad world where we need laws to tell people how to parent.  But, in this case it might have been the only thing to hang around Ms. Anthony's neck.  As hateful as it sounds, it seems to me like she needs something hanging around her neck. 

Brad & Angelina – er, who cares? Rich people getting married. Good for them, but it’s not news. Brad & George Clooney getting married, THAT would be news.
Harry Potter: Ooooh I’m so excited for the movie. We have a date Saturday. We have a baby sitter, dinner reservations, tissues and pre-purchased tickets. I – CAN’T – WAIT!!!

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