Thursday, July 14, 2011

Two in one day...

Don't get use to this, but here I sit on the plane and my book hasn't grabbed me yet, so I thought that I would entertain myself with my own random thoughts.

I'm rather excited about the trip to Maui next year. It's not like there haven't been vacations, but this will be the first significant get away that Jas and I have done since our honeymoon. Lucy will add a bit of flavor to the trip, but other than some anxiety about the flight I think she'll be great.

We have other vacation time planned between now and the date we leave for Maui and I'm looking forward to that as well. Most notably we will be heading to Long Beach for a long weekend and have rented a 'cabin'. This place has 4 bedrooms, a stocked kitchen, pool, foosball and ping pong in the basement. The 'cabin' is about years old and looks fabulous. We'll be in walking distance to the beach and a quick drive into town. I'm jazzed about showing my "hometown" to my in-laws and the rest of the riff-raff that is traveling with us. I hope it is the first of many trips to the beach for Miss Lucy.

I mentioned that we're seeing Harry Potter this weekend. I was surprised at the level of planning it took to arrange a dinner and a movie. I knew that a baby would cause a shift in our world and am not bitching about the complexity of coordinating this event, but it certainly wasn't as easy as calling up my standard babysitter. Firstly, we dont have a standard sitter yet. There's a neighborhood gal who attends our church who we want to build a relationship with, but a quick discussion with her mom and we decided that she needs to com e over for some "mommy helper" time before she flies solo with an infant. The great news is that she's just starting high school so we'll get to build a level of trust and a relationship with Lucy that should last for a number of years. If it goes well I will campaign to have her home-schooled for college so she can be with us until Lucy is 8. I'm sure the cost will go up, but nothing is too good for my baby.

Ha, not true. I'm hoping that we can avoid the "entitlement" trap with Lucy. We're comfortable, but in no way does she get to have everything she wants. Some things will be earned. She may not get a traditional job at the same age that her dad and I did, but she will earn her way to a bicycle and whatnot. Ideally, she'll appreciate how fortunate we are and know that giving back is important.

(as an aside, my chicken salad on the plane is seriously gross. I took picture for your 'enjoyment')

So, Jason is working Sunday and Lucy and I get a mommy play day. I'm thinking we'll play housewife and work up a fabulous Sunday dinner for our working dad. Roast chicken, veggies, smashed potatoes? Sounds like a meal fit for a king. Maybe she'll help me make cookies. By helping, you knowI mean take an afternoon nap. :)

Thats about it, I have no grand pronouncements or even funny bitching about my stay in San Jose. I'm still in a great headspace with my boss, I give her props for all the traveling and useless crap she puts up with and am thankful to be where I'm at. I have a great gig and will continue to strive to keep it going.

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