Friday, July 01, 2011

Very Excited!

We're finally putting the masses of earned airline miles to good use.  Jas, Lucy and I are headed to Maui next year for a 7 night luxury vacation.

We've rented a condo at a recommended resort on a shallow bay that is supposed to be excellent for kids - not much surf, clear water and 2 pools. Oh, and shuffleboard... did I say Maui, maybe I meant Boca Raton, FL.

The 1 bedroom condo plan is going to work out so much better with Lucy than a hotel.  We'll be able to keep her on a decent sleep schedule and still be able to relax on our lanai without having to tiptoe around a hotel room.   We'll make a trip to Costco when we arrive and stock up on food so we can eat in when necessary, but as a 1 year old we think (pray) that Lucy will be able to sit through a dinner out every now and then.  We won't be dining at any of the swanky hotels, but unlike this month we likely won't have to be in a place where she can go to bed at 6pm.

Since our tickets were 'free' (a $10 charge per person) I opted to rent a condo with a partial view, rather than the bargain garden views.  The extra $30 a day seemed reasonable.  The budget mistress in me couldn't justify the extra $100 a day for the fabulous end unit with unobstructed ocean views.  I don't plan on being in the condo enough to warrant an extra $700 for a spectacular view when we can walk less than 100 yards to the ocean itself.  

I haven't been to Hawaii since 1988.  That trip was nice, but it was to Kauai with my mom.  Kauai is beautiful, but there wasn't much for a 19 year old to do. I came home freakishly tan... it was very unfortunate and to my skin, I apologize.   This tip will probably have more pool/ocean time and far less baking in the sun time.  We'll also do day trips to see the sights.  I'll bring my fun floppy hat and a gallon of sun screen for the kiddo and we'll be happy.

The other super exciting thing is that since we're doing this in the spring (no dates published for safety) we'll still be able to go boating later in the summer with Jason's cousins.  Provided we're invited.  (ha... we'll be invited.)

Thankfully, we're super busy between now and then and I'm sure the long 8-9 month wait before we leave will fly by.   Heck by then, Lucy will be a year old.  We'll be marveling over where the time went.

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