Friday, December 16, 2011

Friday Night Solo

I'm a supporter of a unique concept started by the church I attend called Luther's Table. It is a cafe, pub, non-traditional worship space in downtown Renton. This not-for profit place has a pastor leading the show and custom brewed beer served by volunteers. It's a crazy concept to bring the welcome and community aspect of "church" to people who are not likely to show up in a chapel on Sunday.

I'm turned on by it because I'm spiritual but not churchy. I don't quote the bible, I don't expect God to speak to me in matters of life, and I certainly don't think my attendance on Sundays will earn me anything other than the peaceful feeling I get.

Tonight a benefit concert is being held to keep the doors open. We attended the "gala dinner" a couple weeks ago and I was going to opt out of tonight because we had already had a babysitter event this month and I (selfishly?) felt I had done my part.

Well, I'm not one to say no to direct requests for help. So, in addition to selling tickets for the last 3 Sundays, today I baked cookies and got here early to be a ticket taker.

Jason and Lucy were going to come and we had her all dolled up in super cute holiday pj's. I left the house at 6:10 and they were going to come at 7. I received a sad text from j that said:


She's asleep. :(

See you when you get home.
- J

Jason is at home watching over a snoozy Lucy while I'm manning the ticket table. I think he's also providing tech support. I wish we were hanging out together but I appreciate updated anti-virus.

The concert I didn't want to attend has been amazing. I hope Jason is enjoying his night of almost bachelorhood. Once the tech support is done I'm guessing he'll watch some of those shows that are in the DVR that I refuse to watch...Real Housewives of King County. (kidding)

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