Friday, December 02, 2011

Post Pediatrician Update

Miss Lucy is 19 pounds 8 ounces (in a heavy diaper that I put at at least 4 ounces). She's 28.5 inches tall, which means that when standing flat footed she's 2 feet tall. Such a big girl.

We are on target nutrition wise, and developmentally.  Her use of words should become more clear in the next 3 months, and hopefully the loud squawking will abate somewhat.

Where we got into a bit of, well, not quite trouble but gentle advisement from the doctor was regarding our sleep habits.  She suggested that we stop the middle of the night feeding right away.  So, after a discussion we decided that Wednesday night was the last night of a bottle between 12:30 and 4:30.

I was nervous about her reaction and it wasn't so great, but it wasn't terrible either.  The first wake up I did a bad thing and gave her the pacifier and she zipped right back to sleep.  The second wake up, I waited the 10 minutes before going into her room and sure enough, she put herself back to sleep (after a period of intense fake crying.)  I know it was fake because of the lack of tears and the lack of longevity.

She woke up again around 4:45 and I waited 10 minutes before going in and she put herself back to sleep.  It made me wonder how many times I've gone to her when it wasn't really needed.  The other thing that made me realize we are doing the right thing is that she didn't wake up at 6 ready to eat her mattress.  She was the same happy kid who was thrilled to eat breakfast at 7am.

We'll see how tonight goes.  We hope that by Monday the idea of a bottle at 12:30 will be long gone.

Then we can work on the pacifier.  If we get it gone by her first birthday we're done with it.  If we still have it at 18 months, chances are she's a kid with a pacifier for ages and ages. We're going to eliminate it from daytime use (except in dire emergencies.)   Of course with an airplane trip in our future we can't say for sure that we're going to opt for baby training over the blissful silence that the pacifier provides.

I guess part of this training thing is parental training too.

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