Monday, December 12, 2011


Lucy can now be found standing in her crib, in the port-a-crib (aka the Lucy Containment Device) and at the coffee table.  This new skill is exciting and it is great to have an upright kid vs. the swaddled or sitting kid.  However, at 3:00 am, this skill is rather frustrating because while she can get up, she cannot get back down on her own.  She can "fall" to a sitting position, but that is generally quite traumatic and causes loud squawks of anger.

She's been sleeping really well, but last night was messy in that I had to do a 3am diaper refresh which flies in the face of don't pick up the kid between bedtime and morning.  The books say that getting a middle of the night snuggle is counterproductive to sleeping through the night.  All that is well and good, but a 90 pound wet diaper is not acceptable.  She simply did NOT want to go back to bed after the diaper change and was rather loud about her displeasure.  Jason and I took turns going back in to her room to  lay her down at the pediatrician recommended 10-15 minute intervals.  I will confess that my tolerance for the panicked "I'm sitting and I can't lay down" cry is pretty small and my version of 10 minutes at 3:20 in the morning is more like 6-7 minutes.

Jason asked me what I hear in her cry that tells me it's more than "I'm awake and bored" and rather  "I need help!"  I can't pinpoint it, but I can hear it.  There's a tone in the cry that sounds more alarmed than irritated and manipulative.

The 'funny' thing is that she was a pill at 3:00 am and then at 6:00 she was happy and flirty (see the pictures as evidence.)  You can't harbor any resentment for twilight behavior when you get smiles like that in the morning.

You can't stay mad at this face!

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