Thursday, July 26, 2012


I'm getting about 3 comments a day from various spammers.  One in particular caught my eye because it is in Russian.  I was curious, so I translated it.  I'm not sure they totally understand the art of the 'sell', but I'm in!

We invite you to the social financial network MMM-2012 SP Mavrodi.
MMM-2011 has successfully worked with in January 2011, that is 18 months.
Now there is an opportunity to be at the forefront of a new project MMM-2012
especially for those who regretted that had not previously joined the MMM-2011.
We often put off things for later, start hunting tomorrow zarabatvat money, sports,
all procrastinate and put off, as here, the time flies, pyramid lives had entered, had received
profit, just sit down and think about whether you are ready to change their lives towards financial independence?
To be independent from the authorities, crises and vykidonov officials. Make up your mind.
And so.
There is a demand deposit of 30% per month and deposits of up to 75% per month.
Save more! Entered into our cell, and investing in a month, get 55% a month!
Terms check with your foreman after registration.
Every man for himself even decide whether or not to join the MMM-2012, it is your choice.
MMM-2012 is a pyramid scheme, founded on the social relationships of people, there is no single point of
funds are distributed among the participants. We have a lot!

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