Thursday, July 12, 2012

Word Verification Feature

After a couple mild mentions of displeasure over the use of the word verification feature on the comments section of this blog, I have removed it.  I too find having to interpret non-words to validate that I am a human and not some robot posting ads for penis enlargement or moving companies very irritating.

I still use "Comment Moderation" which allows me to review and approve any incoming comment before it is posted.  I don't mind reviewing the massive influx of comments to my blog.  (The word massive is sarcasm.)

Today I rejected a comment from someone selling Louis Vuitton on their very reputable and 100% legitimate website.  Funny thing though they left their comment on a blog post from 2009.  I'm not sure how effective this brand of spam marketing is.  I only have nine subscribers to the blog and while I'm sure there are hundreds more who read this regularly who haven't subscribed I doubt that anyone but me ever takes the time to reread my witty and meaningful posts.

Because of the comment, I did go to see what the blog post was about.  Generally, these spam advertisers find some key word in the blog that relates to what they are selling.  For example, when I posted a video of the cutest child in the entire world moving our furniture through our kitchen and called it "Moving Day" I received comments from a moving company in Cincinnati.  The words matched, but the context did not.   This particular post was about my anxiety over the wedding guest list.  There were no references to upscale leather goods for trendy ladies who like European brands.

I read the post and then had a laugh over what I think is probably the best comment ever left on one of my blog posts.  Sure you could argue that Peter's Raccoon Friend is also not human and shouldn't be allowed to leave comments, but I think PRF is brilliant and witty.  I miss that little furry bastard and those wonderful comments.  My guess is that either PRF got married and is too busy in a happy union to invent dark and sarcastic replies to the blog, or I'm boring as shit now that all I ever talk about is that damned kid.  Either way, in honor of a wonderful moment in this blog I invite you to skim the blog and then enjoy Peter's Raccoon Friend in all of his finest.  Best Comment Ever


Concerned Raccoon said...

Couldn't it be both?

But now that you mention it, I haven't seen him for a few seasons, and I'm down at the trash all the time so I would have seen him if he'd been coming around. He could have been hit by a car. It happens. Bastards. But he's probably just in jail like the other time. He's brilliant, though, your're right. He can even wash his food with one hand. O.K., don't go there. You have a filthy mind. I just mean he's a very talented raccoon. Or was. Man, this is not what I needed going into a weekend. Thanks a lot.

Concerned Raccoon said...

Um, some bad news to report. I did some more skimming like you suggested, and from the comment to this entry it seems like Peter's Raccoon Friend and My Raccoon Acquaintance is indeed dead. And has been for several years, Many raccoons look alike, but I swear I'd seen him and even clawed the living crap out of him more recently than November 2, 2009. Man, what a crappy way to start the weekend. Thanks a lot.

Concerned Raccoon said...

Somewhere in this blog is the evidence that you killed Peter's Raccoon Friend by selling your condo to some guy and his daughter who did the actual killing. That's one theory, anyway. As you know, in Seattle it always takes at least one extra season to find out who did The Killing, but when I make it my business to find something out I always eventually do. Just ask that rabbit. Oh, right, YOU CAN'T. But I digress.

Anyway, what I found so far proves you left things on very bad terms with Peter's Raccoon Friend. Just look at this, blog readers, if you want to know what kind of person's blog you are reading: