Monday, April 29, 2013

Oh no!!!

Tonight looked to be really iffy in the "serene family" category. Lucy refused to get out of the car after Dad picked her up from school. After a small melt down over the horrible disappointment of not being offered a cookie right before dinner a larger and far more epic meltdown occurred when we meanly put water in Lucy's water sippy cup. We are ASSHOLES!!!

Miss Nude 2013 did a marvelous version of Meg Tily in Agnes of God, but without the blood. She has the face down, crucifix position down pat.

She allowed herself to be sat in the high chair for dinner, but the wailing continued. She needs to work on her strategy tho... Lucy held her ground solidly when Dad asked her if she wanted cheese on her noodles. "No Daddy!!! Waaaaa". But, when I followed behind (unknowingly) offering her cheese in her noodles she uttered a pathetic and slightly thankful "yes pease".

She kept up her wailing for a good ten minutes into our family dinner. Then, as if she forgot why she wad pissed she smiled and ate her dinner and even got the elusive cookie from earlier.

Now we're about to have a bath and an earlier than normal bedtime. I think maybe its Monday.

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