Monday, April 29, 2013


We made some changes to our tiny back yard.

We had a small raised flower bed put in along the back fence.  We also had our man (the name my grandfather used for his contractor) add gravel along the south side between us and the neighbors.  Joseph put in boards along the fence line to keep the gravel from migrating to the neighbors.  As it was all the original  decorative rock has moved south (as their yard is lower in elevation than ours.
before (north)

Before, south)

We had the patio expanded the summer we were pregnant with Lucy, and we asked Joseph to add gravel to the side where the grass simply wouldn't thrive.  He also had to patch a section where the yard took a beating during the construction of our flower bed.

after, south
North side, just storage, pavers by TP
North, yard
We extended the retaining wall all the way to the back of the yard and then filled it in with dirt. We gained about 4 extra feet of useable yard. Before, it dipped down into an abyss designed, I guess to trap small children.
annuals to fill out the new perennials
The bed under the window.
A Panorama

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