Monday, January 04, 2016

18 days

In drawer trash bins
My little carpenter

We are getting right down to it.  The tile is installed in the kitchen and in most bathrooms.  Grouting still needs to be done and there is some finish work to be done in our master bathroom.

The fireplace tile does not look like I expected but after seeing it on the fireplace, I rather like it, which is good because it's too damn late to do anything about it now.  Once the purple spacers are removed and the grout is in it wont look so pink.  I wish the mantle was more ornate - or that it matched the crown molding that is in the kitchen.  I'm going with the flow on this item, because when the room is put together a traditional style mantle might not be the right thing.  We will see.  (I also think that with a checkbook, a topper could be added.)

Our hardwood floors are in, the cook-top is installed, but not connected, the stove and microwave are onsite ready for installation.

We have sinks, faucets and working toilets in all bathrooms, but they installed the wrong toilets so that has to be dealt with.  We paid extra for "comfort" height toilets and they installed their standard toilets.  Had they not charged us extra then it wouldn't be an issue, but they did and we want the right items.  $460 is nothing to sneeze at, or piss about.  ha ha.

We have been delayed a week, which is awful but not the end of the world.  We were able to quickly reschedule all of the deliveries and child care plans.  We were adamant that the toilet problem should NOT impact the delivery date - we will allow the plumber access to the house after we move in if that's when they need to swap out the toilets.  Delays at this point are costing us money and we're already living in a state of boxes, so no more delays!  Damn it.

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