Tuesday, January 19, 2016


Ok, now the shutter saga is getting shadier, pun intended.

So, it appears that our builder feels bad about the window treatment order being messed up.  I don't think they can be held responsible for the one shade that arrived broken, but it also seems that they failed to order the shades we paid for on both back doors as well as the large window in the princess bathtub area.

To make things right, they have offered to upgrade the treatment on the door on the main floor to a shutter to match the other two windows (only one of which we have installed.)

This is a VERY pretty option and of course we said yes, but I'm still in awe of the earlier mishap where the windows were measured for the wrong type of treatment.

We will wait in anticipation of when these items will arrive, we have not yet heard a timeline, but I do know that one of the reasons these shutters are so expensive is that they make them custom to fit your exact window.  I don't imagine they have a warehouse of doors and window shutters just laying around.

These lovely things will not be in by Friday.  So, to use the master bathroom we will have to install a lesser temporary solution.  Jason says we should just tape a blanket to the window.  We have this extra one - classy?

Four sleeps until the house is ours.

Minions Throw 

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