Tuesday, January 12, 2016

New Photos

The progress last Friday was disappointing and Jason came home from the inspection deflated.  His faith that they would get everything done was diminished.

However, here we are just three and a half work days later and whamo!  It is starting to look sexy as heck in our new house.

I snuck in at 8:00 am this morning and snapped some pictures.   The top pictures shows the under-cabinet lighting and the progress on other electrical requirements such as plugs and switches.  The vent hood is in progress and the oven is ready to go.

The second picture is the nook next to the refrigerator cabinet.  This will be our coffee zone.  Cups up top, and coffee fixins in the drawers below.  

Looking across the room to our sink you can see how bright our kitchen will be even with the counter tops covered.  Jason assures me that he will install a dimmer for the under-cabinet lights so it won't always be as bright as an operating room, but we'll have the option if we want it.
coffee zone

bright kitchen


The last two pictures are the window treatments in the main living area, and then my office.  The Office picture has funky lighting because the walls look yellow when in fact they are grey.

I was thrilled to see that window treatments were mostly installed and that the carpet men were putting down the carpet pad and working on installation.

At a friend's urging we upgraded the carpet pad to the best they had to offer and I don't think we'll regret it.  The warmth, softness and durability will add to the longevity of the carpet (also an upgrade from the standard offering.)  We did learn from the builder grade carpet in the other house.  GO BIG because changing carpet is hard.

I imagine they will be done with the carpet by tomorrow.  I wasn't able to get upstairs because of the carpet install, so all my fun finds were on the main floor.

In addition to what you can see, they also installed the shower door on the main floor.  Because the tile goes all the way to the ceiling, the standard height shower door looks dwarfed but I think I will be able to get over that within about 4 minutes of moving in.

They haven't painted that bathroom the custom color yet, but they will.

I could see that the shutters in the princess bathtub area had been installed on the back side of the house. but not on the window facing the neighbors.  The blinds on all the main floor windows were in with the exception of the door to the deck and the second main living room window.'s a story.  We really wanted the wood shutters on the windows in the main living area, they are beautiful, but super expensive - like $600 per window expensive.  So, we opted to do little shutters on the two windows flanking the fireplace and do the faux (fake) wood blinds on the large expensive windows.  Our logic was, we'd likely never have the little windows open, so the shutters would let in light but be very pretty.

We made our selections at the design center and months pass.  As I'm walking thru this morning I see that one of the two main windows has a shutter on it.  A SHUTTER.  The two little windows have faux wood blinds.  HOLY HECK!  Did the person that came and measured the windows mess up?  We are hoping so.  We won't know until Friday, but keep your fingers crossed.  This would be the first error that has worked in our favor.  The only downside of the shutters is that they can never really be open - we can tilt them, but a clear view of the back will not happen.  But, if you need a clear view of my trees in the back, put your shoes on and go stand on my giant deck!

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