Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Scenes from Seville - from 2009

I found this page in my unpublished folder in the blog.   The photos are pretty cool and thus I published it. 

It rained on us in Seville, but that couldn't dampen our spirits. Our apartment was cute and we slept well (after I moved my matress to the floor) and we had a hair dryer! It felt good to have nice hair - even if the humidity did wack it out less than 10 minutes after leaving the apartment.

The Tomb of Christopher Columbus
The tomb of Columbus, yes, the Christopher Columbus.
Plaza Espana, a park in Seville
This is the Plaza Espana. A very large plaza in Spain. (See, I did learn Spanish while I was there.) Some of the buildings were occupied with government offices, but mostly it appeared to be a photo opportunity.

I took this photo and will be selling it to calendar companies.  (Update: this photo was actually published by the Seattle Times travel section - no royalties, so I continue to work.)

A close up of the spindles on the bridge - all ceramic

Altar Art

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