Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Ammusing (at least to me)

This is an edited comment thread from an online article about good email signatures.  It devolved very quickly to general grammar.  I think 'robert' is my favorite.

1. amin :  What a signature shouldn’t do” part is very obvious, ofcource we never put a moving object or so on down there, however maybe its for new comers or fresh users.

o mrsELB :   Trust me, it’s still necessary to go over this. I work with some people – all with advance degrees – who continue to type messages in all caps. I’ve told them it’s rude to do that. They continue to do it, so I refuse to answer them and they still can’t figure out why.


2. April :   The replies on this site would suggest a story (or class) on spelling and grammar.

o Keith : lol, I agree…perhaps some subject-verb agreement lessons are also in order. @ Scott, I think you’re right because many of the people I work with, epecially, many of the executives are on a serious ego trip and have the most ridiculous signatures to match!

 kris :   Hummm, it is NOT “lol”~’laugh out loud’, it is “laugh aloud”, if you REALLY want to be correct. But does that seem to matter to any one other than my dearly departed mother?! Seems not…

3. Caroline :   One common mistake people make is forgetting that “an” not “a” goes before a word starting with a vowel.

o Allan :   To tecnical for me lol

 Abby : *Too technical…

o robert:  And before dialing a long distance number make sure you put an one before it.

 Dorene :  Too Funny!

4. R. Walker : Agreed. Another common mistake people make is forgetting that everyone isn’t as computer- literate or self-righteous as they are. Comment on the topic and sign off, for goodness sake!

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