Wednesday, September 21, 2011


I'm all about safety and security, but when it comes to online passwords I do commit a cardinal sin - I have a couple different log on identification names and use  one of four passwords.  I do not use the same password across all accounts - especially online banking as that is an awesome way to have your accounts compromised.  But I do not use a unique ID and Password for every site.  It simply isn't doable. 

The trouble of using multiple ids/passwords is that it is hard to remember which goes to which, especially if you don't log on that often.  Admittedly I foolishly keep a list of sites and clues as to which id and password is for that site.  It is in code, but I'm sure it is not completely safe.  I think it is safer than letting windows save my passwords.  I do allow that, but only on sites that have no financial information about me. 

Some site help you out by allowing you to add hints or questions to assist if you forget your password.  One site I was on today asked me to answer this question before resetting my forgotten password.

What was your grandfathers occupation?

I tried the following options:
  • policeman
  • police man
  • state patrol
  • state patrolman
  • state trooper
  • Washington State Trooper
  • Cop
  • patrol man

Why oh why could he have not been a Baker or a Teacher?

After locking the account as if I was a hacker attempting to gain access, I had to call for help.  Upon successful identification, I was finally able to reset my password.  Unfortunately I can not update the help question, so while I know he was an officer of the law, heaven knows what that web site thinks he did. 

Maybe I should try these answers in the event I was being 'funny' when I signed up for the account:

Coppah  (think James Cagney or Matt Damon in Good Will Hunting)
Po Po
The Man
The Fuzz
The Heat
The 5 O
Barney Fife
Johnny Law

There are a whole bunch of other options that I'm sure I would NEVER have called my grandfather, many starting with P...  I don't use those words.

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TPguy said...

Did you try: Law Enforcement