Thursday, September 29, 2011

7 months

Sitting without help
Our Lucy will celebrate her seven month birthday this Saturday.  She will be in Long Beach on her first official all-girl get away.  (She's joining mom on a weekend with Jen & Yumi.)   Yes, that means that Jason will be home alone, but he has a long list of "projects" to keep him busy.  For the record, he came up with this list on his own, I'm not mean enough to take the baby for a beach weekend and leave him with a honey-do list.  Jason will be resolving a big issue for us that involves crawling under the house.  The water in our downstairs bathroom freezes when the temperature outside hits the freezing mark.  Granted, it doesn't happen too often, but it shouldn't freeze a water line in a house built in 2008! (DAMN IT)  We think the issue is that there is a not well sealed space under that bathroom and the crawl space air vent is right under the bathroom, so when the temp drops, the cold air is sucked into the space where the plumbing is. Thankfully the lines are not plastic or metal (a mesh like hose) so they simply freeze, but don't burst.   Jason and Cousin Anton will get under the house and seal off the area.  I have faith in them, and appreciate their willingness to enter the crawl space (especially in the fall when all the spiders have moved inside.)  Shiver

While Jason and Anton are under the house, Lucy, the girls and I will be hanging out in Long Beach.  We're signed up to do the Great Bridge Crossing on Sunday.  I'm still nervous about doing it, but I will DO IT  - unless there is rain, and then my failure to get a rain shield for the stroller will be my excuse to hang out with Lucy in a warm cafe while Yumi & Jen walk the bridge.  I'll let you know how it turns out.

my serious face
It seems that Lucy changes every day.  She is sitting up without assistance - in that once she gets into the sitting position she can stay there.  She can not get herself from laying down to sitting.  She also is starting to move to get the things she wants.  This is not crawling - it rather looks like a person with limited mobility that flings themselves onto the floor and then rolls to the desired object.  Unfortunately, this usually results in her knocking the thing farther away, or rolling under an object that will not move.  She has gotten really mad at a table leg because it failed to move out of her way.   Oh well, soon she'll master rolling the other way and there will be no stopping her.

Fingers taste good!
We have purchased another car seat for her and now we have one in both cars and no longer have to move the "bucket" from one car to the other.  It is nice to simply take Lucy and not have to haul the car seat everywhere, but I do kind of miss being able to strap her into the portable part of the car seat and then take care of my last minute stuff (shoes, coat, find my keys) now, all that activity happens with her either in my arms or plopped on the floor by the door.    We'll get use to the new routine.

Lucy's sleep patterns have calmed down since we went to Denver.  She is getting up for one feeding a night, but waking up at least once more during the night.  We try to let her soothe herself back to sleep, but she has started moving around in her crib and we find her tucked into the corners.  She seems so happy sleeping against the wall of the crib.  When she gets stuck she needs help getting back to the middle and that's when Mom & Dad come in handy.

The drooling has also toned down, and we haven't seen any evidence of teeth.  They are on their way, this we do know.

She is a happy little bug, but has started to be plagued with diaper rash.  We get it cleared up and then boom, it flairs up again.   I don't want to think evil of our day care because they are fantastic, but I do wonder if they are changing her diaper on a schedule vs. being on poop alert like we are at home.  Legally they have to change the diapers every 2 hours, but if she poops 45 minutes into a fresh diaper, is she sitting in it for an hour ?  I know when they spot the poop, they change the diaper, but if it's just smelly and she seems happy do they leave it?     Oh how I never thought I would put this much brain power in to the bowel movements of another human being.

I'm excited for the weekend and hope the girlfriends enjoy their time with Lucy.  I hope I'm not pushing my happiness on them.  I can't tell if I'm one of "those" mothers who thinks their baby isn't annoying. What I do know is that I genuinely LOVED spending time with my friends kids and think it was amazing bonding with them as tiny people.  I want Lucy to have Aunties who can tell her stories of what she was like as a baby.

When she is older I will leave her behind on these rare weekends, but I'm rather looking forward to our girls weekend.  Heck, we might even get tattoos!

When Lucy & cousin Jordan are older, I am hoping we can go for a girls weekends of our own, with Jordan's mom of course.  I imagine tea parties, shopping and painting of toes - oh an talent shows.  I hope Jordan and Lucy put on talent shows for us.  Don't worry, you won't have to buy tickets...

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