Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Macy's New Customer Service Promise:

Macy's: We Excel at Fixing Our Mistakes!

I'll give Macy's one thing, they sure know how to make up for their customer service errors. I bought some shoes before vacation and the very nice sales person forgot to give me the discount for using the blasted Macy's card. I left a message on the Macy's store web-site and the store manager e-mailed me and fixed the issue without my having to make an extra trip to the store. (Nice!)

When I purchased the new couch and loveseat I wanted to buy some extra fabric to cover the cat scratch zones they sent the wrong stuff. I took it back to the store and re-ordered it... weeks later the wrong fabric arrived again. Grr... I've been moving it around my house trying to work up the desire to go back and deal with it. Lo and behold, they sent a customer satisfaction survey so I mentioned it.

I promise that I didn't flame the salesperson, but just noted my frustration. Tonight, there's an e-mail from the store manager who has credited my account for the cost of the fabric AND sent me a $100 gift certificate for my troubles. I never would have asked for that but won't turn it down - Macy's does good Christmas gifts.

Thanks Macy's for exceeding my poor service resolution expectations!

Maybe they make their money by fixing more complaints faster than the other guys?

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MWR said...

I've tried and tried . . . told myself it didn't matter . . . but I can't stand it any longer:

What is that a picture of and what does it have to do with this post? I mean, I can see it's someone's idea of a couch, but my question remains valid.