Friday, June 15, 2007

What a week

I don't want to whine about work, but FRACK I am busy! The new boss has kicked off a huge thing (can't really go into it and honestly it isn't all that interesting) and has doled out assignments to the management team.

Normally, I would just pass these off to the minions and take credit, but since we're down two already I have to buck up and contribute. (What a hassle.) Today was a big due date for some pre-milestones. The PM who is overseeing the work we're doing is REALLY EFFICIENT and while I want to pop him one in the kisser every time he checks in on me I'm going to have my crap done because of his diligence. So, I have to admit that he's extremely effective. You can't fault a dude for being good. I still spit in his coffee every chance I get - a gal can only be so mature.

So, (isn't the work stuff so exciting?) today I ran the first of three huge things (two huge, one not so huge) by the under-boss and the first words out of her mouth was "why are you working on that?" I shat myself a little and clarified (that's business for: screamed in her face) that it was a direct result of her comment that we needed an X strategy. I also mentioned it's been on the status report that PM has been producing to HER weekly. Step up and read the shit you ask for!!!

We finally got on the same page (business for: one of us caved) and I went back to my desk where I got a call from the "other company" that I interviewed with like three months ago. Surprise surprise, they hired someone else. I was completely shocked. I mean come on, we talked once in March and never again... how could they NOT have chosen me? (They'll be sorry and when this dude quits or they have to fire him. They'll really pay to bring me on board - especially now that I have experience writing strategies for things no one wants. That is a skill people pay for!)

I had my review, apparently, I'm a star! Of course, the mid-year rating doesn't mean much but what a great way to keep me working like a dog in the promise of financial compensation at year end! I love it.

Then... (it was a busy day and truth be told this timeline has been adjusted to play in the time allowed) I had a "hand off" meeting with one of my now former co-workers. Hand-off should imply that outgoing person hands a packet of stuff to someone else, not so in this case. About 2 minutes in to the discussion my head popped off my body rose up about 3 feet above the table and exploded like the Death Star. I scooped up the pieces and decided that with an hour left in his last day that no amount of bitchiness on my part would change anything other than a chance to have a cordial relationship with someone who is fun which I guess makes up for the lack of delivery.

Note to all you future consultants... don't offer your 'discounted' service rate to your former employer to finish up the shit you had YEARS to do. You already got paid to do that work...

Breathe deep.

Then, I went back to my desk and answered an email from a friend. She's in public relations and will sometimes ask me to comment on a product or products. It's pretty harmless and who doesn't like to tell others what they think. However, I did reply back with a question.. am I the ONLY person in your focal group? She responded with *giggle* . So I'm guessing yes.

After work, I popped up to the chic bar and had cocktails with the departing dude. I held my tongue because I'm a good person. (Well, I held my tongue until 9:45 tonight when I let the angry raging bitch loose.)

Anyway - I'm glad this week is over. I intend to sleep in tomorrow, catch up on laundry, update the book group blog and figure out the plan for the evening tomorrow. (Got me some ballet tickets and we're supposed to have dinner but the e-mail planning didn't really pan out.)

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