Sunday, June 24, 2007

TP gal aka "The Slugger"

I'm on the church co-ed softball team again this year. You may recall that two years ago we took the championship for the Renton Inner City Lower Recreational League (Lower Rec indicates we are the least professional of all non-professional teams.)

Last year we had a great record but on play off day we lost our first game and were eliminated. It was hotter than a vat of oil (what!?) that day and our "ringers" were out but they did beat us fair and square.

So far our record is 3 and 1. I was hoping for a rain out today, but as the hour of the same approached I changed my clothes and headed to the park. The team cheered when I arrived as I rounded out the minimum number of people to play and we wouldn't be charged with a forfeit if the game was called. The other team was scrambling for people and in the end we allowed them to borrow one of our guys as a catcher until their team members could get there.

It was a sad sad sight... the field was a muddy mess and they immediately got four runs. We were able to get the next three players out one - two - three.

Our first up to bat was actually pretty horrifying. We scored 10 runs and was half way through the rotation a second time before they finally ended the inning.

I made it to base on a walk and the next batter moved me to third with an unfortunate bobble at the short stop. My first scoring run was the next hit. (cheers for tpgal!)

The pitcher got me out my next at bat and then in the 5th I was up and hit a grounder (with umph I might add) straight at the pitcher. I thought I was out for sure, but I felt I had done my job by advancing the runner. Her throw to first was a lob that my dead grammy could have caught - but it overshot the first baseman and I got to take second. The next batter made it to first but in the confusion as to where to throw the ball the damned third base coach waved me in.

People... TPgal DOES NOT RUN. It is not a pretty sight - but somehow I beat the throw to home to score my second run (ever!)

The other folks played well too (this is MY blog... if they want glory they should write their own) and the ump called the game at 24-4.

As soon as we stepped off the field and opened a beer (we're church people... we aren't judgey up-tight people) the sky dumped on us like crazy. So, while I prayed for rain (and got rain) in the end it was a fun day.

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MWR said...

It sounds like the other team must have been composed of sinners who were being punished for their sinfulness. Your team was the righteous instrument He used to smite this other team of sinners.

This takes nothing away from your success. Way to go!