Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I'm just sayin'

I have these things to get off my chest:

1) On Facebook, if your new ex-BF or ex-GF posts that she's sorry she hurt someone, don't reply with "I'll always cherish our time together". It's awkward for all involved.

2) Maybe it is best to keep all relationship stuff off Facebook.

3) If you give someone advice to man up, accept a genuine apology and move on, you'd better be prepared to do the same thing.

4) In the dryer vent cleaning world an appointment window of noon to 3pm does not mean they will be finished by 3pm.  It's not like work where you schedule a meeting until 3 and you can plan on being somewhere else at 3:15.

5)  Statement #4 probably applies to Cable service people as well.

6) If you offend someone just by being yourself is it your fault or the person who has chosen to put up with you even though they've known you for 20 years?  (Trust me, I didn't teach their baby to say "shit" or anything like that...)

7) A frozen chicken will never thaw in time...

8) I feel bad for laughing at the poor couple who got lost in a corn maze and called 911.  It was dark, the employees seemed to have left and they had a 3 week old baby with them.  Calling 911 was probably smart, but it is kind of funny at the same time.

9) It's not fair that babies grow out of the cute clothes a lot faster than they do the ugly ones.

10) Microwave popcorn always sounds like a good idea, but  rarely is.

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