Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Just an update


I was in Arizona last week for the security conference that doubles as a fantastic women's retreat.  I was so busy at the conference that there was no time to visit the pool.  In years past the conference was held in September and thus the lure of the pool was even more strong - in late October temperatures during the day only hit 95 degrees so you can see why it was easy to avoid.  In all actuality, normally I would have flown in the night before but this whole thing about wanting to spend time with my family really gets in the way of selfish-pool time.  Perhaps I'll be more inclined to work out a different solution next year.    I'll probably have to bring back a treat for the husband that looks like I purchased it for him rather than picked it up at a vendor table.  He's so smart about being able to pick out what was a freebie vs. what is an actual gift.

I got home late Friday and we were up and moving by 7am Saturday.  Lucy has no concept of sleeping in - well, actually for her sleeping until 6:30 IS sleeping in.  We went to breakfast then to downtown Seattle to pick up my wedding rings, that were being sized.  As we walked into the jewelry shop the look on the owners face said it all - the rings weren't there.  Bummer.  However, instead of having to head back down town later in the week or the following weekend the rings were shipped to me via FedEx.  They will be arriving today and require a signature, thus I am trapped in the house like Rapunzel, only with much shorter hair.  The delivery drivers don't tend to linger on the porch once they give the required knock (that is one rap on the door) and I'm not feeling very confident about my ability to quickly but safely navigate my staircase, so there is a silly sign on our door.  "FedEx:  I am HERE, but upstairs, please ring the BELL."  We'll see if it works. (For the record the jeweler was far more mad than I was about the rings not being done as promised and I'm sure he scolded his vendor in a scary way.)

I hated the idea of going to the conference without my wedding rings, so I worked up an alternate solution.  I have a diamond anniversary band from my single girl days and I paired it with the gold wedding band from my grandmother and together I looked sufficiently wed.  I've been wearing it ever since, but I want MY ring back.

After the useless trip downtown Saturday, we had planned to head back home to give Lucy time to nap before going to a birthday party in Orting (aka almost Tacoma).  She fell asleep in the car after breakfast so while I (and Jason's parents) went into the jeweler he sat in the car with Miss "only naps when she wants to" and was on the phone when we came out.  Not any phone, but the "on call" phone. So, we decided to take him to his office, drop him off take Lucy home and then pick him up on our 'way' to the birthday party.  Mind you, these locations are nowhere near on the same route but going home so he could get a car seemed like a waste of time. Famous last words.

I got the call that he was ready and Lucy who had woken up was back asleep so I zipped to Issaquah to get Jason and then we would swing back by the house to get Lucy and the grandparents.  When I arrived he told me to park the car.  (That was a bad sign.)  Apparently, as he finished the first emergency on call ticket and after he had called me, a second emergency ticket came in and he essentially had to start over.  Since he already knew what was required (and how terrible the documentation was) he knew it wasn't going to be a quick fix.  With time running short our plans had to adjust.  So, back home I went to get a second car, the baby and the grandparents.  We all went back to Issaquah and left Jason a car and then we went (without him) to the birthday party of a 1 year old.

Maybe it is because we were late, or because the party was in full swing but the event seemed chaotic and our hosts didn't seem to notice we were there.  We mingled and talked with other family members, helped ourselves to a tasty but tiny taco and got out of the way as a melting ice cream cake was given to the birthday boy.  That was the time that Lucy decided she HAD to eat and so it worked out that as everyone was packed into the living room around the baby, Lucy and I were tucked away in a different room.  I didn't really hate that.    We hung out for a little bit but once I got word that Jason was home I wanted to go home.  (Remember I hadn't really spent anytime with him since Tuesday.)  I felt badly about suggesting to Jason's parents that we go before gifts were opened, but they understood and back in the car we went.  Honestly, I feel like I spent the whole day in the car.  (Renton to Kirkland, to Seattle to Issaquah to Renton to Issaquah to Orting to Renton - yes, that takes a whole day and a ton of gas.)

Once we were home we opted not to cook and picked up pizza.  It was a nice evening at home but around 9pm the day caught up with me and all I wanted to do was roll up the stairs and sleep. We skipped church Sunday and let Lucy play all day.  It was nice, I needed a day "off".

Jason's parents left yesterday and I'm catching up with work.

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