Tuesday, October 11, 2011

State of the Union

Where does the time go?

Lucy will be 7 and a half months on Saturday.  Still no teeth, which puts Lucy in the "late bloomer" category for teeth sprouting - my research says that she may take her time and not sprout a tooth until her 1st birthday.  I hope not because I want to start giving her some more chunky food and she won't take it now.  Our dentist says that it doesn't matter when the teeth come, but that the order is important.

Even though we don't have pearly white progress, we do have some teething behavior and we try to manage it to keep ourselves sane.  I am also getting her use to the toothbrush in her mouth and we "brush" our teeth during the morning hair session.

Speaking of hair - oh my - that flop of brown hair is getting nutty. We are pulling the most of it up into a single ponytail atop her head and when she will sit still, I can do two.  Super cute.  Her little baby bald spot is almost gone and thankfully, her head is rounding up again.  Unless you're going to hold an infant 24/7 the flat spot on the back of their head is a sign that you've got good sleeping habits.    I'm tempted to trim Lucy's wispy wings but I would hate to cut her hair and have it never recover.  Cousin Jordan (1 year) had a professional baby hair cut and WOW oh WOW was it cute.  The question is, am I a mommy who will pay $45 for a baby hair cut?  I'm not sure, and looking around on line it is difficult to gauge if a kid salon is worth the trip or the price.
Lucy has sprouted again, and I had to weed out all the 6 month clothes from her closet.  She's now hanging out in 9 month and 12 month clothes.  The 12 month PJ's are cute because while she fits in them lengthwise, her feet do not fill out the built in footies.  They are floppy and empty, which I find totally cute.

Oh, and remember that whole "back to sleep" campaign?  Well, Lucy has told us in actions that she will NOT sleep on her back anymore.  In fact, if I didn't know better I would guess that the only time she's sleeping on her back is when she can prop her legs up on the side of the crib so that her butt is elevated.  (That's the only explanation we can come up with for some very random wet spots on her pj's.)

We put her down in the crib in the center and she flops and rolls all over.  She goes to bed at 6 (so very early) and will be placed in the center of the crib, by 6:00:15 she is already on her face at the far end of the crib.  There will be a baby crib check around 9, and she' at the complete opposite end of the crib, and when the midnight-1am feeding occurs she's somewhere else with her head facing a different direction.  I do expect to find her levitating some day (maybe not demon possessed levitation, but that kid is active in her sleep.)

Damn the table leg
Lucy is not yet crawling, but is so close.  Mostly she rolls to what she wants but only seems to roll in one direction (right).  She rolls and rolls until she hits an obstacle like a table leg, couch or wall.  Then she looks at you and yells.  Miss Miriam at school says that she does it there as well, and Lucy is teaching the other babies to squawk in frustration.  I suppose that squawking is better than biting... a small consolation for the teachers I'm sure.   If it weren't for the speed bumps Lucy would get to every item she wants, yes, she'd have to roll around the globe to do it, but eventually she would get there.

I would worry about Lucy's sleep schedule if she was going to bed at 6pm then waking up at 4am for the day, she seems to wake a few times during the night and puts herself back to sleep, there is one feeding/diaper interruption and then she's asleep until 6 or so.  She doesn't nap well during the day, but night time sleep is preferred - at least by me...

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