Friday, October 14, 2011

Yesterday was not my day

I was tired yesterday after not getting a good nights sleep.  I can't entirely blame the baby as she slept until 4am without needing a Mommy intervention, but I woke up at 2am and after doing a panicky crib check (does that ever really end?) I could not shut my brain off and go back to sleep.   We girls to tend to go over every minute detail of every interaction...
In the morning I dressed Lucy in a rather cute outfit and was pleased with her more than normal cute factor.  I fed her, and we had a very big (for me) milestone in that I handed her a "cookie"  (a puffed rice wedge) and she played with it and when I wasn't looking she took a bite!  Yeah, she will someday be able to transition off the bottle.  (Then, like Mommy, she will transition on again, but I have solid food with my wine.)

Feeling good about that, I fed Lucy her regular breakfast and left her in the high chair to clean up.  While I was washing her little bowl I noticed the tale tell (DJ - is that correct?) signs of baby bowel movement.  Yeah!  Poop for Mommy!  Actually, I don't mind and actually prefer for it to happen before we go to school so I know I'm sending her in a clean get up.  The "situations" I hate are the movements that occur in the car on the way to school.  You would think that you could just hand the baby over and smile as you say "she just pooped."  I have done a few diaper changes the moment I get into the nursery - it's only fair.

Anyway, in the super short time it took to gather up the newly fed baby and wisk her upstairs, the situation became more than a diaper change, but a head to toe re-dress and the once cute clothing needed to go straight into the washing machine.  I had meetings to get to otherwise miss poops a lot would have gotten a rare morning bath too.  I could have taken pictures, but I love you too much for that.  Let's just say it was icky.

Once our newly clean girl was safely at school I went home to do some work.  Since I have a home office shoes are not required, but if it's chilly socks are a must.  I headed downstairs to make myself some lunch and lost my footing on the stairs.  I blame the socks, because I wasn't running, I hadn't been drinking and wasn't doing anything other than a normal walking action.

I bounced pretty hard on my butt and slid down at least 3 or 4 risers on my left elbow while grabbing on to the hand rail with my right hand.  My left forearm took most of the action and as you can see I earned a very lovely rug burn.  Thankfully, I broke nothing, wasn't carrying the baby or a cup of coffee, and the hand rail is still firmly attached to the house.

Today my neck and my right arm feel like I helped friends move and my left forearm is quite sensitive.  I've taken some Tylenol and am doing stretches to keep the muscles from tightening up, but I feel sorry for me.  It was a dumb move.
the boo boo
My day did get better. Lucy and Jason were in great spirits, we had family over for a fantastic baked chicken. Lucy stayed up until almost 7pm and for the first time actually seemed to play with Jordan. (I can't wait for those two to become besties.) I slept very well last night - until 4am, when Lucy announced she needed food. I was very impressed that she made it from 7pm to 4am without a feeding.  Impressed until Jason informed me  that I slept through a bottle at midnight. So, instead of having less food, she actually got more. It's almost as if she heard us talking about strategies to stop the middle of the night feedings.

Our dinner plans for tonight fell through, so Jason and I are stuck with pounds and pounds of fresh spaghetti sauce.  Thankfully it freezes and thaws well, but too bad we didn't know we weren't having guests until after he devoted a night to making his yummy sauce. Oh well - we'll be Solo Italia at our casa tonight.  I just hope that I can talk him into drinking the good wine anyway - even without guests.

That's about all there is in the sharing department.  Plus, I need to head downstairs for something.  Wish me luck.

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