Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Eight Months

My little bundle of happiness is 8 months old.  I am VERY careful to enjoy each moment because I can see how quickly she changes.

As you can see from previous pictures we are teething in earnest these days and that does result in some mood swings for Lucy.

She still isn't too keen on napping while at school so she comes home really tired and we get about 90 minutes with her (if we're lucky) to play, eat, take a bath and go to bed.  She doesn't snuggle in the evenings - she plays and then crashes pretty hard in her own bed.  I've tried the pre-bedtime snuggle and the only way it works is if I let her fall asleep in the bed with me, and we're not doing that.

Well, we're not doing that at bedtime.  I've succumbed to it twice for naps, and it's totally delicious.  She's so warm and sweet that it's hard to transfer her to her own bed, but I do it.  I do not want to do it at bed time because thus far we have a kid that goes to sleep in her own room, in her own bed and without too much coaxing.  I'm sure we'll have toddler sleep struggles, but the groundwork we're laying now is good.

We went to an Octoberfest party (Jason's fun cousins) and had a lovely day.  Lucy napped on the way up, while we were there, went to bed without much trouble and then slept the whole way home.  While she was awake she was fun and friendly.  She was hanging out with Uncle Doug and he stood her up on her feet - which is a VERY fun thing for Lucy, but he forgot that Lucy is 8 months and has not mastered walking like his 14 month old daughter has and he simply let go of her.  She fell over face first like a tree in the woods.  She didn't get hurt, but it scared her.  It was actually kind of funny, but thankfully Dad was right there with a parental scoop and soothe.  I had Doug's daughter on my lap so I poked her in the nose as pay back.  Everything must be even.

I talked to my brother today and he made it seem like his grand daughter who is a month younger than Lucy is saying Mama already.  Lucy is still on  "ayyeee yaaaaeee" and we'll get a "maaaaaa" or "daaaaa" but we think it's accidental.  I'm not worried about real words just yet.  Lucy appears to be developing right on track and since we have a few seconds before selecting our final college choice I'm going to relax on the talking front.

She's not quite crawling, but she's trying really hard.  She gets into position and then flops over to her back where she knows she can roll.   We torture her by putting all the good toys (like knives, scissors and glue) just out of reach.  When she decides she really needs to cut someone, she'll get there.

I know we're in trouble soon because she wants to be where she wants to be, when she wants to be there.  When we stash her in the pack n' play (baby jail) in the morning while we get dressed she bangs her little hands on the mesh walls as if to say "Let me out of this prison, damn it!"  It's a rough life with all the toys in there for those 20 horrid minutes.  We totally ignore her too, we don't talk with her, interact at all or even acknowledge that we see her during the baby lock-down. (sarcasm) It's hell and I'm sure she tells all the kids a school how awful we are.

Actually, because of the teething thing, I popped over to school late this morning and gave her a dose of baby tylenol.  I'm hoping that helps with a nap and keeping her mouth from hurting.  When I arrived she was gnawing on the leg of a less mobile baby.  Hey, when your mouth hurts, chewing soft things helps.  I'm sure little Al Jarreau hates having his leg chewed on by a cranky but cute girl, but until he learns to kick or roll away he's as good as any teething ring.   His name isn't Al Jarreau, I think it is Eduardo but when we were introduced I heard Al Jarreau and it kind of stuck.

The rough thing about day care is that the cute babies come and then age out.  I guess it will be good when we hit the 1 year mark and transition to the Toddler room because we'll already have friends.  It's cute when they are ready to move because the infant activities start to bore the babies and they are banging on the glass to the other room.  Thankfully we have four more months until it's Lucy's time to transition.  Four short short months.  Where does the time go?

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