Saturday, November 12, 2011

Sick day

Today is day three of being sick. What started out as a cough has turned into a fever, dizziness and a loss of appetite. (You know it's bad when I don't want to eat.) Jason is a good nurse and has taken Lucy to Target to a) have a reason to leave the house and to b) pick up needed sick day supplies. I think those supplies will include anew toy for Lucy and soup for me. Even though I'm sleeping a lot I seem to be awake at odd hours.

Last night while waiting for the cough syrup to take effect (codine) I decided that I'm irritated at the "Occupy " people. These people are camping out in cities all over the US protesting big business, corporate greed or rich people. I really cant tell. What I do know is that these are people are mad about something and don't seem to be giving up. I don't think they are asking for anything, thus they have no endgame for their protests. I guess they will there until they get bored. What makes me mad is that the occupied cities are spending $16,000-$20,000 per week to keep these yahoos safe, and I'm sure that these resources could be put to better use. How about spending this money on truly homeless kids, or education, or even the arts. I'm sure places like New York and Chicago are spending far more. I'm disgusted by this useless protest. 

 Not all my late night drugged musings are hopped up political opinions. I came up with an article for The Onion. Sadly, this online satire "news" outlet does not accept submissions from just any yahoo. So I'll have to publish my own story. (for those of you not familiar with The Onion you should know that it's a joke.) 

Man in charge of counting Earth's population loses count at 5,354,740,921 and has to start over. 

Bill Klinghoffer, the Earth's population counter explained what happened. "Everything was going really well until I took a break to update my Facebook status. When I went back to work it wasn't clear if the mark by Rajminder "Steve" Balakurapali's name was a tick mark or just a smudge. I studied it for a long time and just cant tell. Since I can't be sure I simply have to start over. Co-worker Joe Daviz has a different theory, "The holidays are coming and Bill is trying to get a bunch of overtime. He's a jerk! " 

Somehow, in the light of day it's not quite as funny as it seemed at 3 am. I guess there's a reason these things are left to the professionals.

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