Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Here are my thoughts on that...

Poor Kris Humphrey's, his tiny wife dumped him after only 72 days of wedded (bliss?).  The websites are all speculating if it was a sham marriage, staged for tv or if the love they shared was real.  Personally, I'm disgusted by the over the top wedding and the money that was spent on something that would be dead in 10 weeks.  It's not like buying a dozen roses where you love them this week because they are pretty and throw them out next week when they start to smell.  This commitment is supposed to be for the long haul - oh and no one said it wouldn't be hard.

In addition to enjoying the made for tv drama, many web sites and folks are also saying "sure Kim K. can get married for 72 days, but heaven forbid we should let gay people ruin the sacred bonds of marriage."

You've met me and know that I'm not against allowing same sex couples legally marry.  I understand that for some folks, their religion and upbringing has given them fervent and closely held beliefs that being gay is wrong, a sin or against the laws of God.  I respect that perspective, just as I respect the rights of those who don't choose to worship the same way I do to do it how or if they want.  My religion does not and should not affect the rights of others.

As much as I support the rights of all consenting adults to marry whom they like, I think the argument that another failed Hollywood marriage is evidence that they should be allowed to marry is tired.  I understand the logic, my gay friends are being told that getting married would hurt the sanctity of marriage (um, crock of crap btw) and then day after day there are public displays of people spitting on their vows.  Why shouldn't they point to Kim Kardashian, Britney Spears and others who have spectacularly failed to live up to the intention of marriage as proof that they (as a gay community) couldn't hurt it anymore than the rest of us.

I hope that one day "we" figure out that gay people are, and hold on to your shorts for this idea, the same as everyone else.  Let me say that again for clarity - gay people are normal people.  They will fail at marriage just as much as non-gay people, they will marry for money, status, security, popularity, health insurance and pretty bowls from Tiffany's just as often as the rest of us.  Some will stay married forever because that's the commitment they made, some will divorce when life gets hard, some will come out as straight and leave their families, some will cheat, some will get bored, some will find themselves and have to move on.  When those things happen to straight couples we sit back and say "whew, thank goodness it's not me" or "I wish I had that courage" but never ever do I think that what is happening at Tiger Woods' house or in the hotel suite the Kardashian's are being filmed at this week makes one iota of difference in my house.   My respect for marriage is not lessened by the thousands of couples that were allowed to marry in New York - in fact, seeing people that have been denied that right for years see their dream come true touched my heart.

So, should we stop imposing our religious beliefs on an entire population of people- yes.  Should we allow gay marriage because they couldn't do it any worse than we do - not really.  We should legalize it because it hurts no one and once we get over ourselves and our superiority on this topic we can focus on things that matter like Lindsay Lohan's latest court outfit and Justin Bieber's virginity or maybe hunger and homelessness.  Oh shoot, now I'm talking crazy.

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