Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The perils of online shopping

I love online shopping, the packages that arrive at my door remind me of how much I loved getting mail as a kid.  The only bummer is when shipping errors happen.

During the wedding planning there was an unfortunate delivery event with our custom fortune cookies (yes, a required wedding item), where they were delivered to the wrong address and the recipients actually signed for my package.  They opened them as well, thus we ended up getting an emergency shipment of new, untouched cookies.

Where our house sits on the street it is a bit of a challenge to find us, but FedEx, UPS and the postal service custom delivery people have all managed in the past.  Sadly, there was a delivery "fail" yesterday.

According to the tracking information the (tired, weary, cold and wet) UPS person delivered my package from (can't tell you) company at 4:40 last night.  I was home at the time and there was no quick knock on the door, nor was there a package at our door.  Lucy and I were here and playing downstairs, we would have heard the door.

Phone calls to UPS were frustrating, first they say it was delivered and did I check "around my house" as if the driver would walk past my covered front door and throw the package over the fence into the unlit backyard, then after getting attitude that the package was delivered as addressed the "nice" customer service agent asked if I checked at my neighbors.   This really gets under my skin, if the tracking info says it was delivered to 123 Main, how on earth could it be at 125 Main?  Wouldn't the tracking info reflect that alternate address?

I did do a walk about in the neighborhood and have found no evidence of alternate delivery, and even disturbed the neighbors (who don't ever step foot outside) to confirm it didn't get scooped up in their daily deliveries.

I called the shipping company (per UPS' instructions) and they are re-sending the package, but it irritates me that UPS could deliver the package incorrectly and then be so damned adamant that they could not have made an error.  It's their arrogance that I resent the most, the suggestion that I'm too stupid to find a big package at my front door is aggravating.  "Have you looked outside?"  Well, no UPS I figured you'd break a window to set it inside and thus it never occurred to me to look on my own porch where you say you left the package.  GRUMBLE.

Plus - even if it was delivered to my door and some random person happened to walk down the long driveway to take if off my porch, I was home, so why not knock on the door?  It's the northwest, at 4:40 pm when someone is home you can see it, lights are on in the house.  I can understand not knocking on the door of an unlit house, but when you see the warm glow of life the least you can do is 'rap on the damn door.'

ok - end of rant.

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