Monday, March 12, 2007

6 out of 50 isn't too terrible

During lunch today I popped onto to read the review of a movie I saw this weekend.  I found a link to the top 100 (rated) movies of all time.  Who doesnt love a list?  So I checked it out and Im pleased to say that I have only seen six of the top (worstest?) 50 movies.  I can almost justify each of my mistakes too:

Godsend had Robert De Niro in it

Twisted Samuel L. motherf8cken Jackson.  How can you mutherf*cken go wrong with muther f*cken Sam f*cken Jackson?

I have to admit that two of my 6 were Freddie Prinze Jr. movies but hes super cute.

Two were movies I saw at home on cable so I dont think they really really count, and the last one Christmas with the Kranks I was just wrong about that one.

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MWR said...

At first it seems like 6 out of 50 isn't so bad, but then you must consider that MWR can proudly state that he has seen none of the 50. So you have an infinitely greater propensity to see horrible movies than I do.

I pity you.