Thursday, March 15, 2007

tp gal goes to Washington

Credit card companies burn me up, especially when they send those "checks" in the mail that fail to mention clearly that if you use them and go over your credit limit that they will up your interest rate in addition to over limit fees. I haven't used these checks but they strike me as predatory in nature and extremely misleading. They print "YOU HAVE A $6500 LIMIT!" on the front of the letter and on the back in tiny type it tells the customer to call for any questions - such as the balance!?

Any way, I've bitched about this before, but as I was reading the NY times online the other day I noticed that the good Senator from Michigan? was leading a committee on unfair lending practices regarding credit cards and fees and so I fired off a quick note about my opinion of these unsolicited checks.

Since the Senator wasn't from Washington, I also sent a similar letter to the Honorable Senator from Washington, Patty Murray.

Tonight I got back a form letter that coincided with the general topic under which my letter seemed to have been labeled. As the reply was somewhat close to the topic of my letter I feel somewhat heard and somewhat represented on this issue that I clearly feel strongly about.

However, I'm still somewhat unsatisfied.

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