Monday, March 05, 2007

interesting day

1) managed to get two tickets to the Police concert thus fulfilling a "lifelong" dream. Well, not really, but I did want to see them when they were like totally rad, and due to unfortunate circumstances (geography, economic stature, and being 14) I was unable to go. My seats aren't awesome but they are "in the room" and that's fine with me. Yaz and I will go and Do do do do da da da da our hearts out and then we can die.

2) I got invited to SPEAK at a security conference. Wow how thrilling and scary all at the same time. It's actually a topic I know a lot about and I'm excited to put some time into expanding my area of knowledge just to make sure I'm not blowing smoke. The only issue is that it's in Milan and the old boss had budgeted funds for travel to the event but the new boss is a tad bit more frugal so we'll see. She seems to have money when she wants to go places. I'll be peeved if the answer is no and there's no real justification.

3) I was also invited to apply for a position at a different company today. It's a semi-real offer that would be a pretty damned sweet if it worked out. It would pull together my security "expertise" and my love of event planning together with the added benefit of a juicy title. I said I would pull a resume together but told the "offerer" that the stars would have to be in alignment on both sides for it to work. I certainly wouldn't quit my very decent job for a "year long trial." Don't worry party people I would be based in Seattle but would get to travel and as I have little "drag" (i.e. kids or spouse) it would be not terrible. You can't not apply though when the current (big dude with fancy title) asks you to apply to replace him.

4) So, I've got a lot on my mind so instead of sitting here and typing it all out -- it's dreadmill time! (damn that's 3 times in 5 days - can you say mission?)


tp_gal said...

Just to clarify - I would not classify your beautiful children and your loving spouse as drag. I'm only parroting a term I heard today.

Your kids are the light of your life and they should be no other child is smarter or better looking than (insert name here.) Seriously, have you seen how slow (insert name)'s kids are? It's amazing they can breathe and walk at the same time.

syp said...

I say da do do do da da da. Go for the job. It sounds cool!

MWR said...

Here's a phrase you don't hear very often:

"The only issue is that it's in Milan."

Contact me for vicarious shopping tips. 10 Corso Como, here you come!

cld said...

The Police concert??!! I'm SOOO envious... wish I could join you and Yaz. :) Also, wish I could join you in Milan! How come no one asks me to speak in Milan?? I get asked to speak to folks in Atlanta... hardly the same thing. :(