Monday, March 19, 2007


What is it with the crazy gum flavors these days? I bought some green apple gum and was looking forward to a sweetish sour candy flavored treat, but it actually tasted like chemical warfare and I had to spit it out.

Two weeks ago, I purchased a 60 piece pack of Eclipse Winterfrost gum sugar free! To capitalize on Powerful Fresh Breath and man oh man, once the crispy white shell has crunched off the gum the little blob of goo is nasty. It does change the smell of your breath, but not in a good way. People are buying me toothpaste and dental floss. Im frugal tho and only have 40 pieces left.

Today, I was chatting with an esteemed colleague and saw that the tall girl (who is out today) left gum unattended on her desk. Am I rude enough to take gum unoffered. Hell yeah I am. Dont worry I paid for it. 10 bites in my mouth started to fill with a horrid mint / alcohol flavor. What the hell? Mint Mojito gum. Damn it wasnt good. (I will leave her a quarter and a note to apologize for foraging at her desk.)

Whatever happened to Big Red or Dentyne? Where have all the good gums gone?

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