Thursday, March 01, 2007


I guess the pressure of 10 days in shorts is enough to get me on the treadmill.

The bus ride home puts me to sleep and I wanted more than anything to put on my pj's and make some dinner when I got home. It was a hard hard day. (Note to those of you who have jobs where you have a manager: When you go on vacation make sure you have your shit done so that if the boss gets in your business to help one of your customers it's not instantly apparent that you suck. Ok... good.)

Alas - the elliptical trainer called louder than my pj's and off I went. The cute new tennant was also working out - we had a little chat and we went about our workouts.

The little 1 gig iPod Shuffle is an awesome workout buddy - it doesn't get in the way like the bigger items and gets loud enough to drown out my weazing. A gift from Apple to be sure.

So, now that I've broken the trend I'll be back on machines Saturday.


syp said...

Sweet. You are off to a great start... :-)

Peter the Cat said...

Outstanding! Please get me a cat wheel and I will join you!

Oh, wait, no I won't. Jesus. Hell no!

I guess there aren't cat wheels anyway. No shock there.