Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Cinco de Mayo!

The long awaited cheap-o Mexican holiday is on baby! Rico and I scored two rooms at the Intercontinental Hotel in Puerto Villarta at the smokn' hot rate of $49/night! (he's an employee of a large hospitality company and has the connections... it's all legal don't worry.) We're using companion fares and upgrade certificates to fly down for less than our hotel will cost us - and we're staying for 9 nights! It's going to be fabulous AND thrifty my favorite things!

Do you see that third chair on the left? That will be mine! The hotel doesn't have a traditional spa so we may have to outsource the 90 minute deep tissue massage but a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do!

His new gal won't be coming with us, but we're still getting separate rooms - tp gal snores (sorry, I know that kills the fantasy that I'm hot AND perfect) which will be great for our personal space.

We'll be there the 2nd of May through whenever which means we'll be partying it up for Cinco de Mayo. (I think it's a made up holiday to sell more tequila to gringo's but tp gal don't care!)

You know what this means: tp gal + bathing suit = two months of pre-vacation dreadmill action. Look for a posting tomorrow to proclaim that I actually did it. Until then aidios!

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