Saturday, February 10, 2007

It was too good to hope for

The saga of my furniture goes on and on...

The damned buffet delivery people charged me more than they quoted over the phone. My call to the company (Northshore Delivery) was very unsatisfying. Sometimes you want more than a "sorry" but since I'm unlikely to have a need for their services in the future my options are limited. I did place a call to CostPlus World Markets to let the manager know. He seemed very interested.

The damned Hope Chest charity people didn't come this morning as scheduled. Normally I wouldn't care but as it's like the 63 rd weekend in a row that I've spent a saturday hanging around the house waiting for someone to come it was irritating. Plus, I invited people over for dinner tonight and I wanted the house back to its new normal. Oh dear lord -- what if this IS the new normal?

Alas, I shoved all the donation furniture into the office and will simply shut the door. Lisa from the Hope Chest called to apologize and then asked if I had anyone to help move the furniture. Uh, no that's why I called you. At this point if we break the damned media cabinet I'll just take a sledge hammer to it and work out some aggression towards people who don't know how to use a calendar or a phone.

I did cover the chipped desk with some butcher paper and then got excited and covered the paper with clear packing tape (for spills) but it was a mistake because my arms stick to the tape. But... if I was typing with my wrists up off the table as Mr. Lux instructed me in high school typing class my arms wouldn't be resting on the table. For you kids, Typing was a class where we sat at electric typewriters (sort of like a computer with no monitor that's connected directly to a printer) for an hour each day while he walked around the room calling out letters.

A - A -A - J - J -J- M M-M-M!

It was a surprisingly stressful class considering it required in fact demanded no thought whatsoever.

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