Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Financial Freedom

After years and years of feeling like I was the underprivileged poor friend to everyone I am having to change my tune. No, I didn't win the lottery or get a massive raise at work I paid off a ton of debt.

I took the hard, but responsible path and applied my bonus and some stock toward credit card debt. It was actually pretty satisfying to see my debt drop by over 75%. The remaining debt, (not including the mortgage payments) can be gone within the year. It is a little weird to not having it hanging over my head.

The true proof to whether or not this is a long term fix is to see how the monthly budgeting goes. My savings should grow pretty quickly - especially after the debit card for that account is moved out of the wallet. I've been depositing a decent portion of my check each month into a separate account but with the debit card right next to my primary card it's been really easy to use it as latte money. Apparently that adds up over time. Who knew?

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