Wednesday, February 07, 2007

40!? No F*cking way!

So - time marches on and those of us who are lucky exit our 20's and 30's and turn 40. Boy aren't I surprised to learn that I'm still the same immature Duran Duran loving girl but just a little older.

I've been wanting to mark the occasion with something spectacular and since everyone I know is starting to turn 40 a big party seems "done." Don't think there won't be something fun - it will be a Saturday in the summer and I forsee a casual but fun evening out. I also predict a hangover, but that's another story.

Becky is marking her birthday with a tattoo and she thinks I might need to loosen up and get one too. I'm just not sure there's anything I feel so passionate about as to plaster upon my person forever. I love Daddy and Mommy would be creepy. "Becky Rules!" would also lead to a misinterpretation of my gender preference when dating. If one of you died suddenly I could have your name tattooed across my back in memory but you'd have to die in some spectacular tragic way. Please check with me first to see if your cause of death will be tattoo worthy before you confirm any plans. I would like to state that I would miss you even if I didn't mark up my body with your likeness.

Alas I really think an epic trip abroad is the ticket to mark the occasion of my 40th year. I was discussing this with Ali and she asked what my ideal vacation would be. That's easy a big sailboat in crystal clear water living in a swim suit and relaxing. She then said the craziest thing - "well, do that!" So I found a company that does this exact thing. They offer fully crewed outings in Greece and Turkey as well as smallish (10 people + crew) one to two week cruises for singles! This wouldn't be the same thing as a gigantic cruise ship with a thousand singles at a mixer - instead people without partners who like to travel. That's my speed.

I'm super excited and have already sent for information. Ali's new boyfriend "Captain Jack" is also a sailboat person so I'll quiz him on what I need to find out before I go to make sure I'm not going to end up as a tattoo on your back.

RIP TPgal... rotting away in a Turkish prison for disorderly conduct.

Yaz wants to go to Japan and heck with my new found wealth - I may do both!

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