Wednesday, February 21, 2007

crazy pricing makes me mad

Dear Catalog Retailer (PotteryBarn, Illuminations, Crate & Barrel),

I enjoy getting your glossy pages in my mail box, I don't mind being on your lists. In fact, when you don't write I often surf over to your Internet stores to get a fix. I know my life would be so much better if I only had the versatile Bedford Corner Desk in antique white or the Caprice Votive Cups and Hammered Pillar Plate that cast mesmerizing light in complementary shades of soft green.

Your prices are reasonable in fact it's almost like you know how much I make and can spend on these delights. But my yearning for the Bronze Leaf Wall Sconces or the newest Kitchenaid mixer in SeaFoam grinds to an abrupt halt at the way you tier your pricing.

The price should be the price - there shouldn't be any little add on surcharge if it's being delivered. Yes, I will pay for the cost of delivery - but not and inflated price to have it delivered - especially if you don't offer it in your store. This is what runs through my head:

1) I want that, ooh available online only ok
2) Shipping is $15.95
3) The cost is $100 ($20 additional delivery charge)
4) Why in the hell isn't the cost of the item $120? You suck.

If I can buy the thing in your store fine with the extra shipping charge, but if not - the price should be the damned price.

End of rant


MWR said...

I'm having trouble following at the end. Are you saying they would charge you $15.95 plus $20?

tp_gal said...