Saturday, March 10, 2007

People are asking

Tell us about this job!?

There's not much to tell. I had a casual conversation with the managing director for an organization and jokingly said that I would take over for him permanently and he got excited. I'm updating my resume and tossing it his way.

The discussions with my non-existent life partner about the decision making procces (if there was a job offer) would be about risks and a nagging insecurity that stems (I think) from a failure to recognize that I'm no longer the 'little girl' at the office. TPgal needs to put her "grown up" face on.

Then there are the bizzaro world items on my resume - the 8 months as the Assistant General Manager at a hotel for example. How do I succinctly explain I was doing a friend a favor and that it was a way to pay the rent until something in my my field came along? But it bridged a year so there's no way to avoid it on the resume.

And how do I professionalize my eight years at the paint store? Job title: Girl Friday? I had so many hats that the experience itself was actually positive and I learned a lot including accounting principles, billing practices, superb customer service, marketing, dealing with the media, the community, non-profit business management (No not Not-For-Profit aka charity, but the lean lean lean years where we made less money than it took to keep the doors open) I also got to do some event planning, dog poop scooping, and gossip containment. It's just hard to leverage the poop scooping as a foundation for my next career move.

On top of some mild(?) insecurities there's the fact that I'm happy with my job. I could work harder and get more done but for the most part its great. The benefits are good, stocks, bonuses- good, and they gave us an STD this year! (short term disability leave - I actually hate that but it sounded funny.)

But until I hand over my resume and actually go for an interview I think its best not to discuss it further. I don't want anyone -mostly Mom or Janie to go to that scary place where they're so excited and proud that I can't think. So far it's only as real as a phone call and a casual comment. No one is quitting anything.

But, just in case do you think that asking for a car service as part of my executive package is too much? Guaranteed business class flights? Personal masseuse? Damn, there's the phone, it's reality calling me again. gotta run.

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