Tuesday, September 21, 2010

1 year

They say that adjusting to married life can be difficult.  I think I've been blessed with perspective and an appreciation of how lucky I've been to find my person that the little bumps along the way have been just that "little." 

We certainly have moments when we need to think clearly before we speak, and others where I need to remember I'm not the master of the universe.  There are two people in this team, and remembering that has been helpful.

The past year has been crazy busy.  The wedding was a lot of work and a lot of fun.  Making sure our guests felt welcome and appreciated wasn't easy. The only thing I would do differently is hold our wedding on a weekend where my dad wasn't ill, but the bigger picture is that he was with us on a day I had always hoped would happen.

After the wedding we closed on the sale of Jason's condo, which legally I had to approve it was our first strange "we're really married moment".  We finished packing up the condo and moved into our wonderful new home.

Getting settled took a little time and a lot of effort but was worth it.  By the holiday season we were ready for guests and started hosting long awaited dinner parties. 

In the new year we started planning some vacations and started mulling this grand idea of possibly starting a family.  I really blame our parents for the idea.  Yes, they have always suggested that grandchildren would be nice, but it wasn't until we had that wonderful Christmas together that I started to wonder if maybe the "I"m too old" thing might be silly.

So here we are with a whole year of marriage under our belts, there's a baby on the way and we are happy as ever.  If we were Hollywood stars we would get a medal for longevity, but since we're just regular people we'll have to settle with simply being happy.

By the way I get a happy feeling when I hear Jason refer to me as "his wife".  I don't know why...I just do.  Thankfully, I've stopped giggling every time I say my new married name.  I think that was getting on his nerves.  

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