Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Things that are gone forever

1) My teenage years.  They were fun, but I don't miss them.
2) My virginity. No comment
3) My spotless driving record - that's been gone since I was 19, but still sad .
4) The new clothes that my mom left in a New Orleans hotel room.
5) My dad's hair.
6) WaMu
7) My ability to roller skate.
8) The Mayan civilization
9) HMS Titanic
10) Jason's white pajama bottoms that were foolishly left on the unmade bed in our hotel room Saturday.  When we got back to the room the bed was made, the room clean and his pj's were nowhere to be found.

A prompt call to the front desk filled us with promise that they would be located in the pile of dirty sheets for the day, but alas, the phone call we got the next day dashed our hopes.  "We checked the room and found nothing."

Well, no sh*t sherlock, if they were in the room after the room had been cleaned, we would have found them.  I called back on Monday to speak with the guest services manager who simply passed our message onto the same yahoo who checked the room and finally got a call back from someone who said that "We shake the sheets out before they are send to our (3rd party) laundry service.  No one saw your item."

The sleeping shorts are gone forever. 


We can't ever have anything nice. 


Anonymous said...

That's quite a story!

tp_gal said...

sniff, sniff... I smell sarcasm. :)

The Jod said...

I'd like to bring us around to talking about your lack of virginity if I may??

tp_gal said...

You go first!

Jody said...

Well, it was indeed many moons ago when I it still existed..I mean, I'm not married, so my virtue is still completely intact.

tp_gal said...

Of course Jody, that makes total sense. I too had no blemishes on my virtue to report on my wedding day. That's as it should be for a modern girl

PNB Dave said...