Thursday, September 16, 2010

Oh perplex me

I'm confused by Sarah Palin's association with the Tea Party.  Isn't she a Republican?

The Tea Party, in my opinion, seems to be the wackiest of the wacky and they have found their queen.

Most of the Republicans I know (yes, there are a few) don't seem to be on the Sarah P band wagon.  My beloved Father-In-Law shakes his head everytime her name is brought up.

The idea that she'll be part of the 2012 Presidential conversation gives me the shivers.  I hope and pray that the Republicans can drum up a more worthy candidate. One that represents their point of view, and represents the non-wack-a-doo constituants.   How is it that I'm so out of touch with the people who think she's the cats meow?

You may not be thrilled with the current administrations ability to dig us out of the great big hole we got ourselves into (note the non-partisan blame) but I can't fathom a world in which SHE would be better than my dead uncle Bob in resolving the economic nightmare we walked (willingly) into.

PS - I'm aware that the Tea Party name is a nod to the Boston Tea Party and the rejection of unfair taxation and not to children sitting around a table in pretty hats, but this is my world and I get to choose the graphics.

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