Monday, September 13, 2010

Weekend at home

We are between "event" and spent the most of our weekend at home.  Friday we went out and enjoyed dinner made by other people and then watched a movie.  Saturday we were up early had breakfast with a friend and then ran errands while Jason's windshield was replaced.  I'm not sure how special a trip to Costco is considering we're there at least once a week, but we managed to make it fun.

Friday afternoon during my lunch break I pulled out our push lawnmower and gave the little (minuscule) landing strip in the front a nice grooming.  Out of spite, I zipped the neighbors out of control lawn with my mower as well.  I'm not sure what is up with those people, they have a gas mower and it takes less than 15 minutes to do the front and the back with their machine.  In spite of their amazing time saver device they let their lawn grow so out of control that it was making me crazy.  (their side yard butts up against our driveway and while it is a smallish strip (maybe 3 feet wide) when it isn't mowed it looks terrible.   My push mower was VERY ineffectual against their overgrown lawn, but my hope was that they'd get the hint and mow their lawn.  I gave it the once and twice over and while I didn't rake up the clippings it was obvious that someone had hacked their side yard. 

Saturday we were pleased to see the neighbor out re-mowing side yard and then tackling the back yard.  He filled three garbage bags with lawn clippings and I would estimate the size of his back yard to be no more than 30 feet by 20 feet.  That was some overgrown grass.   We could hear his mower getting clogged on almost every swipe of the yard.  I wanted to hang a sign out the window that informed him that if he'd mow once a week then it wouldn't be so terrible, but I'm more of a passive aggressive neighbor.

Jason, who was also irritated by the growing jungle next door expressed his exasperation by saying that if the neighbor would let him borrow the gas mover he would mow their yard and ours just for the use of the mower.  We haven't been able to make neighborly contact other than the friendly hello, so I doubt this could legitimately be negotiated, and now that I've done the "mow your damn yard" move, chances are it won't happen ever. 

So, with the desire for a gas  or electric mower on the rise in my household, I pulled the wifely naggy card and asked where in the world we would store a mower of that size?  The push mower fits nicely against the wall but a more substantial mower won't fold up that small.  I told my darling husband that if we had a place for a mower that I would consider purchasing a new mower.   This statement, and a free weekend motivated my guy to pull both cars out of the garage and put up new, better shelving, and then reorganize our "crap."  By Sunday afternoon the garage looked amazing and there was a magical spot perfect for a proper lawn mower. 

I hope that we're able to acquire one at an end of season sale and I'm hoping for an electric mower, but since I made him suffer through a season with a Jason powered mower, I will quietly advise and defer to what he wants.  I don't mind mowing the lawn, but he has really taken to it and if it's going to be his activity he should be happy with the tools. 

In addition to the wonderful garage re-do, I was able to score one of the newly replaced shelving units and it moved upstairs to our "Christmas Closet."  Our house is blessed with plenty of closet space.  In addition to the decent sized closets in every room there are two spare ample closets downstairs, one for coats and the gaggle of extra folding chairs and the other is our Harry Potter closet which serves as our pantry, wine storage and mid-sized appliance garage.   Upstairs we have a linen closet that houses all extra bedding, towels AND my tubs of arts and crafts stuff that I haven't touched since finding my OTL (one true love).  I'm "SURE" that once the baby comes I'll have LOTS of time to make my own Christmas cards and things like that again...

In addition to that closet there's the Christmas Closet, which is this magic mini-room that measures 6 feet by 5 feet (with some inches to spare on either side) off the loft space.  We both looked at the closet on the floor plan and independently named it the Christmas Closet.  We keep our tree(s), ornaments and holiday decor in that one space.  It also doubles as the gift wrap supply zone and holds some of the more random things like the multiple picnic baskets we were given as wedding gifts.  (One is for 4 people and the other for 2 - so we clearly needed to keep both.) 

With the addition of the third shelving unit in the X-mas closet I was able to get everything up off the floor and make it accessible.  We even have space to spare, which is good because that's where we're storing the holiday gifts as they are gathered.  The right stocking stuffers don't just happen, they are stockpiled throughout the year.

We split up Saturday night and I attended the baby shower (2 of 4) this year for Cousin Corina.  It was a nice affair with limited games and pleasant chatting with her people.  The primary activity, other than the yummy taco bar was the gift opening.  Unlike my prediction of "how all baby showers go" there was no passing of the gifts.  Yeah!!!   She seemed pleased with her 'haul' and while the theme was (not my taste) decidedly "Pooh" everything was cute.  She's always had an Eeyore 'thing', which is cute and it is not unexpected that her baby room will be Pooh.  It's a classic kid look and makes shopping a breeze. 

The shower nicely came to an end around 8:30 and my car pool team were home by 9:15.  Woo Woo.  I fell to bed (dead to the world) before 11pm.  As I drifted off I asked Jason if he hated this "early to bed" life.  I sleepily said, "I could get up and rally if you want to go dancing...zzzzzzz"  I think he said no thank you, but I was already asleep. 

We finally returned to church Sunday and it was nice to go after what seems like an entire summer of being too busy. 

The rest of our Sunday consisted of finishing the garage, closet and laundry. I zipped out to get my OB required flu shot and we enjoyed a home cooked meal.  We were going to watch the Video Music Awards, but regular tv took over and again I passed out in my own bed at 11pm.   

It wasn't a fancy weekend in Las Vegas, or the romantic activities we have planned for our one year wedding anniversary it was satisfying.  I'm thankful we don't spend EVERY weekend working around the house, but I'm happy when we do - especially when things look so organized.   Does anyone want to lay a bet as to whether or not we have a new lawn mower by Halloween?  I say the odds are good.

The only bummer was a notice from a friend on Facebook that he was making an unplanned trip to Arizona to visit his dad and that he needed prayers.   We are all getting older, as are our parents, and I don't care if your dad is 50, 70 or 90, the prospect that he's not doing well is sad.   I, like most people, want to "do" something to help.  All I can do is send good wishes and hopes for a good outcome, but it sucks to know someone you like and care about is going through something painful.   (Thinking about you buddy!)

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