Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Look up and drive!

Oh no... a new study shows that the law against texting and driving doesn't work.  In fact is making things worse because people are not holding their phones in their lap while texting thus increasing the amount of time their eyes are away from the road.

I am guilty of not putting my phone away entirely while in the drivers seat.  If a text comes in (which is seldom Mom) I will look at it when stopped at the next light.  I will not read it or address it while driving.

When I haven't hooked up my bluetooth for handsfree talking and the call is important I pull over.  On the freeway, I miss the call.   This is how it should be.

Putting the phone in your lap to text so the police can't see you is just stupid.  None of us are THAT important. 

I am not in favor of revoking the law simply because the things people do to circumvent it is worse than the actual crime.  For every a-hole who puts their phone in their lap I hope there is someone who is complying with the law, or at least in the half-assed way I'm complying with the law. 

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