Thursday, September 16, 2010

I'm just talking

In spite of disturbing dreams, I slept so well last night. Normally, when I’m in San Jose I don’t sleep well the first night away from home. Maybe the being pregnant thing has something to do with the sleeping, but I haven’t been sleeping well at home.

I fall asleep early and then wake up around 3:30 to give my bladder a rest and then more often than not, I’m up for at least an hour. It isn’t as if I’m processing big deep issues, I just am not sleeping. Adjusting to having to sleep on my side is also a challenge. While I generally fall asleep on my side, I almost always wake up on my back. (Check the other blog for the reasons why back sleeping is bad!)

So, the point of my super exciting post is that I feel rested! Woo Woo. All of my other Seattle co-workers are flying out tonight so I’ll be on my own for dinner. Since I have a rental car I think I may venture to a new location tonight. I understand there is a mall nearby. Oooh, shopping! I should probably get my fill of solo shopping before there is a small person living in our house who will refuse to stay home alone until they are 13. Selfish little brat.

Shopping with Jason is different than shopping alone. He’s very patient and excellent about looking for a specific item. If we’re on the hunt for an outfit for an event he’s the guy I want along, but if I’m shopping simply to shop, then I feel a need to be speedy and not linger. It’s internal pressure, but I’m kind of looking forward to cruising the aisles with nothing particular in mind. I’m sure he feels the same way, I know he enjoys the rare trip to Lowes or Fry’s without me tagging along. I’m always welcome, as is he on my outings because everything is better with him (gag) . Ok, I even made myself a little sick on that one. Sorry about that.

I guess I should stop before you throw up your latte all over your shirt. Be warned though, our 1st anniversary is coming up and I’m working up a “I’m still so very very very happy” post. Feel free to skip it if you hate hearing how grateful I am for my good fortune.

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