Monday, December 13, 2010

I need a vacation from our weekend

Seriously, I think both Jason and I need a day off.  This weekend was hectic and busy.  Friday, I arrived home at 6pm from my last San Jose trip until after Lucy arrives and I was spent.  We had planned to go to dinner and Jason had done all the nice things to welcome me home, flowers, a clean kitchen and a nicely made bed.  (Nothing says I didn't miss you like when all the extra pillows are stacked on my side of the bed when I come home.  *giggle* )

Unfortunately, I was feeling tired and rather unrepresentable after my day.  We opted for takeout Chinese food, but by the time I stepped into the house I had taken offense at something Jason did or didn't do (seriously, it doesn't matter) and had my feelings hurt.  We had a silent dinner while I tried to recover.   This pregnancy thing at times is like having the worst PMS ever.  The thing is that when I'm emotional the reasons behind it are real, but I know I'm not reacting like I would on a normal day.  Instead of being able to see things with perspective I get a little lost in the "poor me" place.  Thankfully, these moments are not everyday.  I'm also careful not to get overly tired because that seems to be fuel for the insanity fire.

I did recover, took a nice bath, we talked, watched some tv and went to bed.  In spite of the Pepcid that I'm taking religiously I am still being plagued with heartburn (maybe I need one in the morning and one in the evening) and it woke me up at 4 am and my brain started spinning again.  I had to get out of bed, eat something, and then process the dark moody thoughts that were swirling in my head.  I knew I needed to work it out before morning because it simply isn't fair for anyone to wake up to find that their partner, who less than 12 hours earlier they were anxious to see is mad at them and all they did was go to bed.  Thankfully I was able to wind down again and headed back to bed at 5:30.   Our alarm went off at 7am and all seemed normal in my head.  (I'm not discounting my feelings, but really remembering that the thoughts that start with "you never ever...." are likely not rational.) 

We were up early because we had an appointment with the hospital to get a tour of the baby delivery zone.  We were getting the inside scoop on where to park, what would happen, where to go, what to expect, all those things.  We were in the lobby area with at least 6 other very pregnant women when the receptionist came out from behind her desk and cleared her throat.  (Poor thing)  She then told us that someone forgot to schedule the person who gives the tours and that no one could do it for us.  We would have to call and reschedule.  There was a (pregnant) pause in the room and I swear I heard 6 or more people say with their internal dialog "You've got to be f*cking kidding me!?"  We all looked around, stunned and then I couldn't stop myself from asking "This isn't going to happen when we come to give birth to our actual babies right?"  I know the receptionist was just living a nightmare at that moment not of her own doing, and mistakes happen but HELLO OVERLAKE HOSPITAL - you're running a business and we have a choice as to where Lucy is born.  GRRR

After waddling back to the car Jason and I decided that we were only 40 miles away from the Tulalip outlet mall and that we should zip up there.  (see how shopping soothes the beast?)  We like that mall because it is compact, outdoors and we love the Le Cruset, Kate Spade and Nike Stores.  We zip into other stores too but those are our favorite.  (Jason is less impressed with Kate Spade than I am, but he likes to see me happy.)

We then zipped down to the regular mall at Alderwood and then over to the Costco Business center.  (If you've never made the trip to the CBC and you're planning a party - you should.  AWESOME.)

Eventually we made it home and I was able to sneak in a much needed 1 hour drool festival (nap) before we started getting ready for a holiday party.  The rain started earlier in the day and I have to say a nap on a rainy Saturday is a lovely thing.

We ate a light snack and then headed to Duvall in the dark to our destination.  We made a quick stop at Cousin Marty & Lynne's to provide some IT help with an Xbox, but alas the connection to a MAC renders my mobile IT guy useless.    We mingled and nibbled at the party until after 11 when my pregnant body screamed "NO MASS".  In spite of the rain we made it home in record time and I think I was in a coma by midnight.

Sunday we were up early again, but that was by our choice.  We wanted to go out for breakfast before starting our day.  After eggs and meat cooked by other people we took a harrowing ride into Issaquah.  There are many places along SR900 that don't have good drainage and when mother nature dumps 2 inches of rain in 24 hours the creeks flood as do the roads. 

We joined Doug, Chelsey and little Jordan at their church for Jordan's baptism.   Sweet Jordan who is only fussy when she is hungry waited until the moment that their little family stepped onto the alter to start the "hey, feed me NOW" notification.   She was pleasant as pie after her bottle but silly little monkey was a bit cranky for the ceremony.  After the service our party headed back to Jordan's house for food and a nice visit.

We had a bit of a break before having to get dressed up again for yet another party, this time in Seattle.  I knew we wouldn't be at this party for hours and hours because I was tired before we even left the house.  However it was really nice.   This party was for kids and adults but when Santa arrived it was ALL kids.  We sang carols, had a little show and then Santa sat down for pictures with anyone who wanted them.  Of course, while the Santa show was going on everyone was packed into the living room which made it rather warm.  Thankfully, the fire was roaring... I knew I reached my limit when my head began to melt.    We said our thank yous and then zipped away into the blissfully damp and cool evening.

The party food was light and this momma needs to eat, so what is a girl to do?  DICKS!  It probably wasn't the healthiest choice, but it was happy in my belly.

We were home by 8pm which means - BUBBLE BATH!  Oh how I love that I can still get in and out of my big bathtub.  I'll be sad when it becomes and issue. 

We watched some tv and then headed to bed - exhausted from our busy weekend. The alarm this morning was a mean reminder that we didn't rest enough on our weekend.  We have a very busy week this week, but don't have ANYTHING planned for Saturday.  I think we'll fill the day just fine, but it will be great to sleep in and be on our own schedule. 

Have a great week!

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