Friday, December 31, 2010

Year in Review

Top events in 2010

Doug & Chelsey announce they are pregnant.  Super excited for them!  We don't share that we've started talking about the possibility of a family ourselves.  Must make our own decision before we bring anyone into the loop.

Jason turns 40  A fun 70's themed party was held and the family and friends embraced the theme with gusto!  Thanks to everyone who made the night memorable.

My friend Matt got married.  He looked high and low for the perfect gal to compliment his witty and rather smart existence.  After lots of dates with the wrong ladies he found someone who appreciates all the wonderful things about him.  I miss his sarcastic side, but am thrilled he's happy.  Wishing them many happy years together.

TP goes to traffic court.  I got a speeding ticket that I deserved but wanted due process.  I got it, and for $150 and a year of good driving record my insurance company will not be notified.  (I have 7 weeks to go!).  It was a bummer to have my 20+ years of clean record wiped away, but the law is the law.  Speed (get caught) and you will pay.

TP's consulting company on the back burner, after being hired as a full time employee by her client.  (Happy news!)

Sad news that an estranged friend died suddenly at age 43.  My heart is broken for her family and am sending lots of love and good wishes to them over the holidays and always.  

Installed a heat pump (air conditioner) in our house.  Jason is delighted and I'm convinced the weather will never again be warm enough to need it now that we invested in it.

Discussions about a baby kick into high gear.  "Maybe we should take down the firewall and see what happens".

Fun visit to friends in Portland and the craziness with their kids (a busy 4 year old) don't scare us... in fact.  We stop using the "firewall" (nerd speak for birth control.)

Holy Shit - We're pregnant.

Long Beach for 4th of July!  Fireworks and friends.

Long weekend to Yosemite.  Damn, tis HOT there in July.

Last Train to Clarkston - camping for a week on the Snake river.  Happy to get color on my skin and hang out with Jason's friends who are now my people too!

Wine Tasting Weekend In Walla Walla
with Becky and her cute hubby.  The being pregnant thing stopped the wine tasting but we had a pool at our hotel. It was perfect!

Jordan is born!  Welcome to our world, nice to meet you sweet little monkey!

Labor Day in Vegas with my sweetie.  Turns out my hair looks fabulous in 114 degree heat.  Maybe a move to Arizona is in order... NOT.

1 Year Wedding Anniversary - weekend road trip along California's northern coast.  SF, Santa Cruz, Monterrey.  I'm still quite pleased with my fella!

It's official - We're having a girl.  Happy tears.

In Denver for Mrs. B's 80th birthday party.  She's amazing.

A rainy and wonderful weekend with my girlfriends at the Lake Quinault Lodge near Forks.  No vampire sightings.

A snowy getaway with the book group to Leavenworth.  (Jason puts up x-mas lights and does secret holiday shopping for my gifts. lucky me.)

Thanksgiving with the cousins.  How fabulous not to have to cook!

Christmas with the family.  Missed Mom & Dad on Christmas but got to road trip to visit the following Monday.  Happy!!!

Counting the weeks until Lucy arrives...  We have 8 to go.  tick tock

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