Wednesday, December 29, 2010

TP comments on the news

I read an article on today about a man who was arrested after slapping a kid (teen)  on a plane who refused to turn his iPhone off during landing.  The man was being charged with assault. 

I don't agree with slapping the kid (even on the hand as the man alleges) but can feel his frustration.  I've noticed plenty of adults on planes who turn their phones onto sleep mode for the take off and landing instead of "powered off" as the flight attendants require.  I'm not sure who makes these rules, but for the most part when it comes to things like flight safety I'm going to abide by the rules.  (I'm going to get hopped up and mad about the possibility of them feeling me up before I get on the flight, but in the end I will comply.)


"Husband defends reading wife's e-mail"  Oh no you didn't!  In Detroit a bitter battle is taking place between a man and his now ex-wife.  He cruised her personal email account to discover that she was having an affair with her (second) ex-husband.  After consulting with the first ex-husband, they decided that since hubby #2 was a douche bag that they should involve the courts to protect a child in her home.  (I'm thinking it was the child of husband #1).  Anywho... he claims she had previously provided him with the password to her account and that she had given him permission.  She (and the courts) content that he hacked into the account (new password) to illegally view the mail.  I have to say, that even though Jas has my password and I have his, our emails are our own.   Should I change my password or he change his, any previous "permission" to view is revoked. 

But... she's an idiot.  It is EASY to set up a free email account that the newest soon to be ex-husband wouldn't know about.  How stupid are you to communicate with your lover on your cell phone or main email account?  When plotting and scheming, set up a new account and your address can be ""

NFL Fines Brett Farve $50,000.  Tisk Tisk Tisk. These sports guys need to keep their business in their pants.  The NFL says that Farve failed to cooperate with the investigation that he sent crude messages to a fellow NFL employee.  (oops)  The lesson here is that if you're going to send pictures of your junk to someone make sure they don't work for the same company that you do or not only are you a douche bag, but you can be charged with sexual harassment.   They can't prove anything, but the fine seems to say "we think you did it" so here's a tiny little reminder that we own your @SS!   (I'm sure his wife isn't too thrilled either.)

Kate Middleton showed people's princess flair when she posed with fiance Prince William wearing apparel from some of the United Kingdom's mid-priced retailers - not exclusive designers - for her official engagement photos.  Oh my,  who cares?  She's a pretty girl who is marrying a guy that may (or may not) be King someday.  Together they seem genuinely happy, so why does it matter what she wears?

Oklahoma man says wife's death was sex fantasy accident And then there's this yahoo.  He claims that he and his (now dead) wife commonly used a gun to enhance their sexual play.  Apparently, putting a gun to her head while "giving it to her" was normal in their world.  And holy shit of an oops to find out the darned thing was loaded.  If it's true (which the police seem to be leaning towards) they are both dumb as an ox and it seems wrong that somehow they didn't snuff each other out in this stupid game.   A lesser part of the story and equally disturbing (to me) is the age difference between the grieving husband and his wholly wife - he was 23 she was 50.  Perhaps she SHOULD have known better. 

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PNB Dave said...

Kid (20's) sitting right behind me on my return flight from Arizona a couple of days ago not only had his phone ON, but was TALKING ON IT during the final approach. He placed the call right after the flight attendants strapped themselves in, so I guess he figured he was safe.

He ignored my over-the-shoulder comment of "Electronics are supposed to be OFF now," but then I didn't hit him.

Good thing, evidently.