Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Wild Weather

"They" said it was going to be a wild winter.  A La Nina weather pattern promises to bring wet and more wet with some cold.  These last few days have certainly lived up to that prediction.

The "pineapple express" brought lots of wet in a short amount of time which was exciting to be sure.  A weekend dumping of more than 3 inches of rain in areas leaves us with a soggy mess. 

Last night we had a squall whip through the region that hit our house at about 12:30.  The rain on the windows woke me up and then startled my guy (who sleeps with the aid of a C-pap machine that nicely drowns out all other noise such as the snoring of a pregnant lady.)  The rain was loud enough to wake him up. 

I'm a weather nerd and needed to look out the window to "see" the rain and was kind of surprised to see how windy it was.  The big tree across the street was whipping around and I'm thankful that it is a tree that has not been compromised by a lot of modifications to its root system.  That big happy tree has been allowed to grow and grow without anyone paving over or cutting around it.  It still scares me a bit, but it isn't close enough to take out our house but could do some nice damage to our back fence.

As I was watching the rain, the electrical pops started to happen.  First they were far away and then there was the tale tale crack of the transformer that services our house.  Jason and I zipped into action to turn off computers and the back up batteries.  It was an adrenaline filled few moments with lots of devices beeping including the house alarm. 

The squall was gone before we had the computers off, but the damage was done, we were powerless in our own home.

It's odd how quiet it is in the house with no fans or other ambient sounds.  Going back to sleep was a challenge.  In fact I think we both laid there awake until we heard the power pop back on a bit after 2.  I know, I know, there are activities to do in the dark when there's nothing to do, but  we just laid there, talked and then tried to sleep.  Once the power was restored we (Jason) made a sweep through the house resetting the computers and network and then we were finally able to settle down and go to sleep.

It has been raining like cats and dogs on and off today and I wonder if we get another big wind how many more trees will come down.

It's only December...what will January and February bring??

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